The American media is basically owned by six corporation: GE/Comcast, News Corp, Viacom, Time Warner, Disney, and CBS.

All that to say that the media’s agenda is to shape our thinking into believing what they want us to believe. What most Americans believe is controlled through the media. The mainstream media is the most powerful and influential force in the country. This has allowed the media to be very effective in using propaganda as a strategy to accomplish promoting conflicts by separating the classes of society. This also allows the media to create an image in the mind of the masses that has an economical, psychological and sociological impact on the American people.

Propaganda is a form of communication that influences the attitude of the issues for the cause that is being presented and controlling one side of the argument.

Richard Cohen, a top syndicated columnist for the Washington Post said, “We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.”

The media has always used propaganda but it has become more inflammatory in the last two years; intended to increase fear and anxiety to divide society against itself.

This is just why we have to be very discerning about where we are getting our information and take time to investigate for ourselves who the candidates are and what they stand for because right now we are walking a thin line between freedom and full blown socialism. The people that get in office are going to be the one thing that will save us from a socialist take over.

The socialist are going to be pulling every dirty trick they can to prevent them from losing control. And the media is going to be right there reinforcing the lies and the attacks that are going to be thrown at any one that mentions the Constitution, God or stands for American values. I know they are working overtime trying to figure out how to manage control of the voting. That is why we have to be smarter this time in making sure that they have less of a chance of rigging the election.

Things we can do: Hold on to your vote until the day of the election and hand deliver it to the auditor. Use radio talk shows to promote candidate. Send emails to the Secretary of State demanding that we want more public over site. Send it often, it only takes a couple minutes. Get ahold of your local county auditor and demand more public transparency and accountability in the ballot counting. This stopping and starting the vote count and taking weeks to finalize all leaves room for manipulating the vote. Don’t be afraid to have conversations in public (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) about good conservative candidate. People getting involved and participating in the elections is important to the survival of our American way of life.

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