This is a time to mourn for the many that have fought and died on the battle fields, in the jungles, beaches, deserts; where ever the fight took them. For many it was a gruesome death. They were not there because they liked war, they were not there because they wanted to be, they were there because they felt it was their duty and that is where their duty took them. From the American Revolution right on through every war, there were brave men and women who fought to protect and defend America with the passion and commitment that is only found in the American Military.

Take a look at World War II. After Pearl Harbor was attacked, men and women were rushing to the recruiting centers. Germany and Japan had no idea what Americans were capable of but they soon found out. We increased total military by 36 million and in a matter of months rebuilt are arsenal, military, Air Force, Navy, Army and every kind of weapon that was essential for battle. At a speed that could not be matched today.

Then you have 911. When America was attacked, instantly 181,510 Americans enlisted to serve in.. Americans war against terror.

These are just few examples of the fine people that have sacrificed all for their country. They died some of the most horrible deaths you can imagine. If they could see what is going on today I’m sure they would be completely devastated. Everything they fought against is being mandated by the Biden administration like step by step stripping are constitutional freedoms, freedom of speech, academic freedom and the attack on our personal liberties.

What we are experiencing is a counter-revolution to the American Revolution in full force.

The people that voted for Biden and support the democratic attack on the Constitution, on this Memorial Day, owe these fine Americans that sacrificed and gave all defending the protection guaranteed by the Constitution an apology for disrespecting their sacrifices.

The ones that honor and celebrate with great appreciation and give glory for the ones that made the supreme sacrifice to preserve and defend our Constitution we owe it to them to start working to restore what last 17 months have destroyed. By making sure we get conservative American loving. God fearing patriots in the House and Senate. If we don’t get this done we have failed the ones that died for us.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Email: Website: pulse-of-america .org

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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