Can the conservatives repair all the damage that the Biden administration has done.

The United States is at heart a conservative nation. Founded on liberty and freedom and has been the hope for many for nearly 250 years.

They will have to repair a struggling economy and a dangerous surge of inflation. Then they will have to rebuild a strong national defense. We have been brought to an embarrassing point of weakness. Our allies are wondering if the US has the capacity or the will power to lead the free world.

They are going to have to work rapidly in pursuit of re-building the kind of free market principles and ideas that are essential in reviving the US economy after the damage that has been done by the Biden administration. Once businesses, corporations and the entrepreneurs see the less regulation and lower taxes, you will see the economy come back so fast it will be unbelievable.

People that are informed know that America is in trouble because of the nitwit administration that is continually trying to tear down everything good. 2 million illegals that have entered the US. Some terrorist some gang members and a lot of very bad people. Some come for free everything and live off public assistance and a few come to work. They have put us in energy poverty with their half baked green energy scam. Destroyed the supply chain and the list goes on.

So how do we recovery from this devastating free fall. Well hopefully in November the Demoncratic Party will be toast. And this will bring about a dramatic change. Then in two years the presidency will change. This is the patriots hope that we can start putting America back rebuilding American exceptionalism. The one problem show much of this ultra socialism is engrained into the government.

But there is one thing that the socialist liberals do is fight among themselves for power that is every group wants to control something different. For instants, one group wants to control church and state, one group wants to control education, another wants to control the media and so on. So what we have is a soft totalitarian system forming. What that means is we can beat back tyranny and still restore our freedoms.

This is where the people have to hold a new Senate and House that take charge answerable and that they start from day one making Constitutional decisions the way the framers meant for a democracy to be.

We can not be complacent any longer. We can not depend on politicians to protect our freedoms and our Constitution. To save America the patriots have to be come proactive, keeping the pressure on the governing bodies. It has never been easier for your voice to be heard. We have emails, radio talk shows, letters to the editor and phone calls to the elected officials. The staffers that handle the contacts to the Senate or House members say letters are the most effective way to be heard. Ones that are brief and to the point.

Your voice makes a difference. Members of congress care about their re-election and you control their chances.

Citizens persistence and determination make good governing. There is no better sound than the loud voices of democracy.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net Website: pulse-of-america.org

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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