Since the 2020 election the attack on America has been relentless in every aspect.

We have a massive migration problem with people from over 160 countries illegally coming into the country. Since the Biden administration has taken over there have been 2 million illegals come across our border. This migration is being funded by outside forces like the UN- affiliated International Organization for Migration, which employs more than 9,000 worldwide and has a yearly budget of almost 2 billion dollars. It is also helped along with tens of millions of US taxpayer dollars and grants from the likes of George Soros Open Society Foundation.

Crippling domestic oil and natural gas production which has caused higher gas prices and moving inflation closer to the cliff of economic suicide. Outsourcing our US gas and oil needs to countries that hate us and offering them what ever they want to export oil to the United States. Then Biden Exports oil to China. WAY TO GO JOE!!

Biden’s love affair with China and the soft rhetoric toward toughness was just a cover for the detrimental polices. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP). With the disturbing backgrounds of the Biden staffers in high level positions that are appointing candidates sympathetic to CCP. We are in more danger from CCP than we ever have been from Russia or any other country that wanted to destroy America. China says that they will own the US in 15 years.

But China does not need to attack the US militarily or worry about having superior weapons to use against the US. They have the “Biden Administration weapon of mass destruction” already being deployed.

If we don’t disarm these commie socialist that are complicit with the CCP by turning the House and the Senate to a conservative majority in November 2022, by 2023 you will see a rapid aggressive move toward a Marxist style government. There has never been a worse time in America for the survival of freedom and liberty. The time is now to get a change in government. Without a conservative Congress the 2024 presidential election will be too late.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: Email:

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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