They are the minority in government and still believe and stand for the Constitution. Their political values are timeless. They are about conserving what we have learned in the past and applying that to the future. They do not run hand and hand with any political party.

American culture was build on the foundation of true conservative values. But the foundation is crumbling and it needs repair. The founding principles of the past have to be the values that we restored if we are going to have a future.

Political socialism has triumphed because the united minority has intimidated the divided majority. It is time to stop trying to please liberals. You can not back down on your convictions and principles to compromise with the wicked. Backing down is surrendering and rendering yourself useless as a public servant of the people.

It is hard to be a noble politician. When both parties pander to big tech and shady interest groups to stay in good graces with the elite’s so they can keep the funds coming in to keep their favorite incumbents in power indefinitely. The average politician does not care about you or your family. Take a look at when we had the Covid hysteria. Their main concern was making sure they had the power to rule over you.

What we need is less elected politicians and more elected patriots who love and support America. We are at critical junction in America but we have faced tough times before. But this time the enemy we are facing is within and the battle fields are your state capital and Washington D.C. The ones that are elected in November 2022 will decide if we stand for freedom and democracy or fall into a Marxist controlled government.

It is too bad that the ones who risked their lives to get to America, to leave countries that were controlled by communist dictators. Once they got here they were anxious to become American citizens and start their new live. But they are now fearful that what they left behind them is going to be the future of America. They have lived under oppression and fear and know the value of freedom. If they could take control of the government they would guard the God given freedom and liberty that is so precious to them.

Basically this is a war between good and evil. God fearing American loving elected patriots are the warriors that are fighting the political battles and we have to support them and let them know we are praying for them and their families.

Abraham Lincoln: “The Ballot Box is Stronger than the Bullet.”

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: Email:

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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