Where do the socialist in America get their money to advance and finance their radial ideology?? Mostly from the taxes collected by the government from the ” citizens” and redistributed in grants, aid and funding provided for them in the budget every year. It’s given to places like Planned Parenthood (500 million a year) which is a private organization to kill the unborn and has nothing to do with teaching anyone to be a parent. Then you have the National Endowment for the Arts given (168 million a year) to promote and pay for bad art that is unwanted and the money is mostly distributed to promote obscene, anti-religious and anti-American art works. A recent beneficiary of 171.7 million with increases potentially reaching close to a billion is the The Vera Institute of Justice based out of New York. It supports defunding the police and open immigration and has nothing to do with justice.

These are just a few examples but there are hundreds and the ones that head up these groups possess Socialist Marxist ideologues. They have made a fortune scamming the taxpayers.

Now with the socialist environmental movement here comes the Inflation Reduction Act to feed these power hungry parasites 369 billion dollars.

Congress has no right to appropriate taxpayer money for these kinds of self serving socialist organizations.

The more Socialist Democrats that get put into office the more taxpayer money will be given to their friends. If we don’t change the ones that are in charge of the Government, whether it be local, state, or federal, we will be taxed to complete poverty. Handing over the wealth of America to the Chinese Communist Party.

If people can not see where we are headed, and if they don’t pay attention to who they vote for, then they are blind to what has been happening ever since the 2020 election. The rapid aggressive movement toward given the Chinese full access of government programs under the Biden administration, actually under the control of Obama. If the Socialist Democrats remain in control it will be the end of the greatest country ever formed and it will be taken over by the Chinese Communist Party.

This is what is at stake and being complacent is not an option. If you do not want to trade your liberties for slavery then take action and do what you can to change the direction that we are now headed. Vote for and check out who is the best pro-American candidate. We either lose America or take it back in Nov. 2022 and Nov. 2024.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: Email:

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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