Through constant prayer, hope and sacrifice prayers were answered which lead the oppressed people that remained faithful through all types of punishment from the King for practicing their faith.

God gave them a new land and a new beginning to let them worship Him in the way that they felt closes to Him.

In the new land it wasn’t easy and there were a lot of struggles but the God given rights to freedom and liberty made it all worth it.

As you go through history of America there were mistakes of things should have not happened. But through it all the back bone of God fearing, kind hearted people was America’s strength. Because of those God kept blessing America. God knew that to get a government that would be fair and honest it would have to start with moral God fearing leaders and a document that would provide protections from a one rule style government. Then God had a loyal servant that would seek God’s guidance in all things and he would be the one that would lead the beginning of a new Godly nation. From then on as long as the people looked to God and kept working to be the light of liberty and freedom and caring for others, He would continue to bless their land.

When you look through America’s history you can see the hand of God in so many impossible situations we have faced and each time we have come back more prosperous and blessed than any other nation in history. As prosperity became more abundant people started to place their faith in wealth which gave satan an open door to come in and start attacking the foundation of this great nation. With no prayer in school, no prayer at community events, Ten Commandments were taken out of schools and government buildings, legalized abortion’s, LGBTQ attacking the sanctity of marriage, Planned Parenthood diminishing family values and the government making it illegal to have any Christian messages or symbols placed in public buildings morality crumbled.

Electing ungodly leaders that are guided by the hand of satan and satan’s plan is to destroy what God has created. If that sounds a little radical just look at what our government has imposed on the people. It is almost like a book right out of the Bible about the people being persecuted by the evil rulers.

Taxed into servitude: Citizens labor to enrich the government with increases that are designed to take down the middle class.

Foreign Invasion: A land that has become borderless being invaded with all kinds of different people. With so many languages communication has become chaotic. Crime has made many places unsafe, drugs are destroying the society, people injected with experimental drugs that have fatal side affects to protect them from a manufactured experimental virus. The youth are being conditioned not to believe in God. Our history has become so distorted that people don’t realize what they have and are willing to give the gift that God gave them away to their enemies. There is a bright light beginning to shine all through the land because Christians are repenting and turning to God and asking Him to heal the land. This is going to be the only way freedom, liberty and America will survive. If God provides a Godly leader it will be the beginning of the rebirth of America. A patient God giving the believer’s another chance to reclaim a faithful nation.

Written: Delmer Eldred


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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