They came after the pro-life people praying in front of abortion clinics; then pastors preaching from the Bible on what is moral and what is not: then parents at school broads objecting to CRT, SEX-ED and Gender Identity: then the ones that would not comply with the gene-therapy vaccine; then the ones that protested an illegal election. Now the Marxists want to control your speech. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Who ever would overthrow liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech.”

If you’re a conservative Christian you are a target of the Marxists that are taking over some of the key positions in Government and the Conservative Christian has no rights and are criminals as far as they are concerned. The only ones we have left to fend off the constant assault on the rights and liberties of Americans are the Republicans. If we don’t do everything humanly possible to get the truest Republicans that stand for the Constitution into office whether it be federal, state, city or county and just sit with a wait and see attitude there will be no one left to stop the complete take over of America.

We have three choices right now and that is vote for the one that is the closest to American values, Civil War or just let the communist take over.

As free loving Americans we have had tough times before when freedom has been under assault. Now more than ever we need to unite. We have to work like never before to keep the Marxist from taking complete control of America and voting is the best weapon we have. That means getting people that want to live free have to get out and vote and work on changing how ballots are handled in your county. We need to be at the auditors office or were ever the the votes are being counted to insure that it is being done properly. We are facing an election war in 2024 and to defeat the enemy we have to cover all fronts.

We need to stop listening to the propaganda that the main stream news pushes. There are so many good alternative sources that give a lot more accurate news. Don’t support woke companies and don’t be intimidated by radical groups like Black Lives Matter or Antifa that want to silence you and keep you from speaking up for freedom, liberty and America.

We are facing a challenge the likes we have never seen before the election war of 2024 will determine if we live in Heaven or Hell.

Written By : Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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