Dr. Fauci is the wizard savior of the mind numb robots who believe what ever the mainstream media says.

By the CDC’s own admission the PCR test only shows active infection such as the common cold, influenza (like Covid-19), pneumonia and allergies. The ones that are making a killing on the Covid jab (gene altering serum) now claim that the vaccine is safe. This is false for at least two reasons: It has not had time to be properly tested to determine if it’s safe and there’s never been a substance like mRna that changes are God-given genetic code, literally rewriting our genetic code. It does not even fit the definition of a vaccine so how can it be an approved vaccine.

Online Medical Dictionary- Vaccine: ” Any suspension containing antigenic molecules derived from a microorganism (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa) antigenic proteins synthetic constructs, or other bio-molecular derivatives, administered for the prevention, amelioration, or treatment of infections and other diseases”.

Many other medical dictionaries such as: Tabler’s Online Medical, Medicinenet Medical Dictionary and Harvard Medical School Health Publishing all state the same thing.

In every definition they are pretty close to the same. Vaccines inject parts or all of a microorganism, such as viruses and bacteria, into our body to stimulate our development of antibodies to fight microorganism and build up our immune system, but Covid injections don’t work that way. Instead they inject genetic material. But big Pharma is counting on the unvaccinated as well as doctors not to notice the distinction and go for the unapproved EUA vaccine thinking that it is finally approved and they’re safe.

US corporations and businesses are illegally requiring vaccination as a condition of employment. How can they require a vaccine that really doesn’t even exist.

We are being lied to every day in order to cover up Fauci’s lies. The Delta virus and now soon to be Epsilon variant will be spreading through the country when in effect these fake variants are used to cover up the deaths and injuries of those that have gotten the jab.

Now we went from one shot to two then the booster. The more shots the more variants show up and it just keeps going on, all the while the profiteers are making billions.

I can’t believe when you look at all the real science, not the ones that are receiving massive subsidies to produce results that agree with what Bill Gates and Fauci are pushing.

People need to start realizing what is going on. You will never receive enough vaccines to protect you from the variants (because there aren’t any!!) Being smart and using vitamins and natural nutrients, building up your immune system is the best vaccine you can get.

Written By : Delmer Eldred


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The plan was to instill fear with a lab created virus, then show people how to be saved from getting infected by taking the jab of a gene altering chemical concoction.

This has been in the works for years. The main players have heavily invested money and have partnered with Dr. Fauci ( The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases) in the creation of a virus and an mRna serum. The likes of Bill gates, Soros, Bloomberg, Black Rock Investments, and a long list of Globalist elites. Wuhan lab was just the manufacturing facility.

The mask was just a control test to see if people would submit to mandates. It worked so well that they went a step farther and put lockdowns in place. I’m sure they were amazed, who would have ever believed that you could shutdown American small businesses without hardly any push back and leave corporate businesses left alone to flourish.

All the sudden Dr. Fauci became the new Wizard Of Oz. What ever he said was what had to be done.

The trap was set to lure people in to being injected with a bio-chemical weapon. If they wanted life to get back to normal they had to take the shot. Now they became guinea pigs for the new mRna gene therapy experiment.

COVID became the control mechanism allowing both state and federal governments to have total control. Destroying the Constitution the family unity, religious gatherings, and freedom.

But things are not going as well as what the globalist had hoped for. Not as many people are getting vaccinated in the numbers that they had anticipated. Millions of doses are expiring and now they are threatening people losing their jobs if they don’t take the shot.

More Americans are becoming aware of the lies and deception that have been perpetrated on them the last 20 months. There are a lot of people that believe this could be the” Mark of the Beast”; it fits the biblical description.

But there is a beacon of hope as more Americans become educated, refusing to take the jab.

The more people that don’t comply the less control they have. Americans are freedom fighters and that’s one thing the globalist’s can’t destroy is the faith in God and the inherent nature to be free and protect the God given rights we have. The history of American freedom and liberty has been accomplished by resistance not by submission.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


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September 11, 2001 at 8:45 EDT, the day the World Trade Center was attacked, was the day America saw evil. The unforgettable scene of an American Airlines jetliner Flight 11 crashing into the North tower, between floors 93 and 99 at a speed of 466 mph, with 92 people on board. Then the horrifying scene of some 100-200 people holding hands and jumping to their death. Others were burned alive. There were a total of 1,344 people trapped by the smoke and fire unable to get out. Seeing this live as it was happening is a scene that will forever be etched in my mind.

There was immediate response by First Responders, firemen and police to rescue and evacuate the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Then 18 minutes later a second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, flying at a speed of 590 mph with 65 people on board, slams into the South Tower, right between the 77 and 85 floors and explodes. The heat of the fire causes the South Tower to collapse 56 minutes later. The collapse only lasted 10 seconds killing over 800 people and first responders. The firefighters and law enforcement not thinking about their own safety but fighting their way through the rubble, ash and smoke to find people and save as many as they could. The ones that were not on duty that day went rushing to the scene to do what ever they could because every live mattered. At the World Trade Center there was 2,753 people killed that day.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and others like him that want to defund the police should be left in a hopeless situation waiting for help. Then maybe they would appreciate the ones that show up and risk their lives to save theirs. de Blasio and is ilk are the most despicable low lives that New York has ever had running the city.

Then at 9:12 am passengers on American Airlines Flight 77 called loved ones on their cell phones to tell them the plane had been hijacked. At 9:37 am Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon and an additional 184 are killed. Then at 9:58 am a passenger named Edward Felt uses his cell phone to call 911 and inform emergency operators that his plane had been hijacked. Three of the passengers had a plan to try and take control of the plane. The hijackers worried that the passengers would soon break through to the cockpit and made the decision to crash the plane. At 10:03 am United Airlines Flight 93 with 33 passengers, 4 crew members and 4 hijackers, rolled on to it’s back and plowed into an empty field near Shanksville , Pennsylvania. Thanks to these brave hero’s the plane never made it’s final destination, which was believed to be the White House.

There was an additional 200 people, first responders, law enforcement and firefighters that later died from illnesses caused by the smoke, fumes and ash that they were exposed to.

It’s been 19 years ago and there is a lot of young people that know very little about the attack on 9/11. But they need to know that the goal of Al-Qaeda and ISIS hasn’t changed. They still want the destruction of America and to create an Islamic state under the leadership of Islamic stewardship and impose Shariah Law. Terrorism in any form is their main tool to accomplish this. So far the National Joint Terrorism Task Force(NJTTF) has done a great job in preventing any more horrific attacks like 9/11. That’s why it’s important to have a strong leadership that is committed to keeping America safe. This is what keeps agencies like NJTTF viable and able to minimize the threat of the terrorists.

Written By: Delmer Eldred



Trails in the sky: Contrails vs Chemtrails. Contrails are condensation from jet exhaust in the atmosphere which can stay visible for a few minutes. Chemtrails can last up to 20 hours producing man made clouds dimming the sun. And now there is Graphene. All which attribute to a host of health problems.

What is Graphene? It is the thinnest compound known to man at one atom thick. It’s also the lightest material known. It’s the strongest compound ever discovered, it’s between 100-300 times stronger than steel. It conducts electricity better than any other known material at room temperature. Inhaling Graphene particles can make your body a sensor device that you can be logged into by a computer and monitor your every move, body temperature, heart rate, pulse oxygenation, respiration rate, blood pressure and blood glucose. It also can provide a compatible signal for G5, in other words makes your body a G5 antenna.

Once these chemicals (toxic metals) fall to the ground they are in the air we breath, soil, trees, food and our water. These toxic elements have been found in trees roots that absorb the ground water and once they get into the roots the tree can no longer absorb water it looks like the trees are dying of drought but they are not.

The residue from these chemicals are highly visible on a calm day when there is no wind and will appear as smoke or haze. This residue can cause heart damage and other health problems.

So what could possibly be the reason for doing this. When the U. S. Air Force, NOAA, U. S. Dept. of the interior or the National Science Foundation have to make a statement, they say that it’s weather modification to mitigate climate change. But when in fact they increase global warming by filling the atmosphere with chemicals creating man made clouds that dim the sunlight. These fake cirrus clouds trap the infrared thermal emissions from the earth’s surface and lower atmosphere and this enhances the Earth’s greenhouse effect.

These Chemtrail flight patterns are a dead give away: circles, X’s, back forth over the top of one another. Does anyone really believe these are normal established flight patterns.

These so called weather modification experiments that are developed by Frankenstein scientists are obsessed with controlling the weather which is a folly: You can change the weather but you can’t control it. These harebrained schemes never work- they backfire. They have accelerated climate change over the last thirty years and blamed it on everything except their own insane attempts to be God.

This operation is run by the globalist worldwide for various reasons: If you control the weather you control the food supply – you control the world. Therefore you control the population growth.

February 18, 2020 Rosalind Paterson the president of the Agriculture Defense Coalition addresses the U.N. on Chemtrails, geoengineering and weather modification. Video available at- stillnessinthestorm.com.

Resoures: Globalskywatch.com geoengineeringwatch.org

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net


Illegal Cartels are coming across the border at an expanded rate thanks to the polices of the Biden administration. They even give them an airplane ride to major cities like Seattle which has turned into a Godless, miserable leftest city that is a stronghold for the homeless, destitute, mentally ill, drug addicts and now it has become the main operations for the group known as the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG). They have a growing presents in Seattle and all throughout Washington State and the entire U.S.

Two of the most beautiful cities in the U.S., Seattle and Portland, have turned into degenerate cesspools of what they once were and will probably never again be the pictures sate places that people enjoyed and loved.

Gang violence is spiraling out of control in all these Democratic controlled cities at an alarming rate since January 2021. The longer the border is open the faster it grows. These gangs are animalistic in nature and they perpetuate evil against who ever gets in their way. To join you have to commit a cruel act like beatings, violent robbery, or even murder. They don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican.

BLM/Antifa, cartels and gangs are running these cities with little opposition but if you’re an armed citizen wanting to protect yourself under the Biden administration you’re classifieds a criminal.

According to the Justice Dept. there are around 1.4 million gang members and growing especially since January 2021. You have groups like Mara Salvatruch (MS-13), Barro 18 (M-18), The Mexican Mafia, Barro Azteca also known as Los Azteca and Trinitaros which are mostly Dominican immigrants and is considered one of the fastest growing groups in America.

Everyday with these lax border polices, America becomes more dangerous. Every gun law that is passed taking the guns from the law abiding citizen makes people more vulnerable. Just look at Chicago: ten gang members for every police officer. You have police leaving major cities at a rapid rate. So you’re not going to be able to depend on the police to protect you.

America is becoming a dangerous place and being armed is going to be the only way to keep you and your family safe. The Second amendment has never been more important than it is now. It is going to take armed citizens to prevent anarchy and chaos. Write emails, make phone calls everyday to Congressional members, as many as you can, demanding that the Second Amendment remains as it stands.

If you look at Venezuela gangs taking over neighborhoods killing people and running them out of their homes, that is what happens when the citizens can not protect themselves. Gangs have the police on the run and they have taken control of Caracas.

Gang violence in America will keep growing until we get some people elected in government that are going to confront it with the full force of the law and put down the lawlessness that is looming out control.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


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High inflation is created by reducing supply; prices increase because of demand; raising taxes causes prices to increase on everything; Government regulation; increasing the national debt without corresponding growth.

This everything the currant administration is doing. The socialist know that if you have prosperity you can’t control the people but if you have people in economic despair then they will start depending on government to supply their needs and they will be much easier to manipulate. And right now they have everything in place to keep tightening the screws on their socialist machine to eliminate the middle class.

So you might ask, how do they expect to keep winning elections when they keep making the economy worse? Answer, ninety days before an election they will set in place temporary tax reductions and increase supply. Things won’t be great but they will be better than they were. That’s when they will campaign that they have the economy starting to turn around and that they will have to be reelected to keep things moving forward. But the truths if the Marxists (Democrats) get voted back in the good times are over for good.

Right now Americans are fighting back by increasing the shadow economy. There are groups that are buying and selling their used stuff and not buying new, trading labor, making needed items and either selling or trading. More people are planting gardens. The second hand store business is booming. There is a growing percentage of Americans that are finding more ways to confront this contrived inflation and is having an effect on taxes collected and the corporate globalist big box stores. It is just a good idea to tighten down on spending and hanging on to your money for the time being so you are not feeding the Marxist Monster.

When we get the House and the Senate back in conservative hands and they cut taxes and reduce unnecessary regulations, then you will see a booming economy the likes that world has never seen. Americans are hungry to get back doing business; that’s what we do.

For the next 16 months we have to work doing everything we can to make sure the right people get elected the ones that believe in making America great again.

Resistance of tyranny is the duty of each American and to have faith in God. We must defend the rights which heaven gave us and let no man take them from us!


Written By: Delmer Eldred


Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net


This is a tactic that the liberals have been perfecting at warp speed since the 2020 election. Deep State is the main driver: keeping us distracted while they are building a police state.

Using Jan. 6 as a tool to vilify anyone who is a Trump supporter or identifies as a Republican is a domestic terrorist. Anyone who associates with them could be threatened to be investigated or be audited by the IRS.

Using pandemic fear to separate: vaccinated good, not vaccinated bad. Using this to separate families and friends. Critical Race Theory: white people bad, black people good. Teaching white children to hate their parents and children of color blaming white children for everything bad that has happened. These Socialist Marxist that are running the country are manufacturing racism to gain control.

Everything they are doing is to turn American people against each other. Believe me they are working 24/7 doing everything they can to hold on to government so that the 2022 elections don’t turn socialism back to just a radical ideology in America.

People have to realize what is going on. Everything that they are pushing is a diversion so they can put their Marxist government in place before people realize what has happened.

So we can not take are eyes off the prize of winning America back. That’s what’s at stake and we all have to work together. This is a revolution and we are at war for the soul of America. Information is knowledge and the more people that are informed the more we can push back.

The wokacats have attacked American customs, history, and literature using Critical Race Theory as a weapon to try and destabilize and overthrow America. The public school system is taking this curriculum on hoping that it will spread like cancer.

We need to pick are battles wisely. That means confronting the school boards and speaking out that the people that pay the bills are not going to allow this social engineering indoctrination any longer. Not doing business with any business that is supporting and forcing their employees to go through the Critical Race Training as a condition of employment.

Let our voices be heard loud and clear on the radio, newspaper or any platform that is available. Not to be concerned about people calling you a racist or a white supremacist. These are tactics they use to silence you. Because you have the facts about what they are trying to accomplish and they can’t have the truth getting out.

There are a lot of good people running for office in 2020 and we need to work to support what ever we can do to get them in office.

Like I said, we have to pick our battles and work together. What we are going through is a bigger attack than Pearl Harbor was on America, so I know we can defeat the Marxist.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net


What once was the most powerful country in the world has fallen into insolvency and is descending into socialism; a country that was build on morality and self- reliance.

This socialist transition, that we are going through, will at one point soon stop being tolerated. The resistance to accept the implementation of a central authority will spark a peaceful rebellion and revive the American spirit. Americans have a strong desire to have the opportunity to survive and prosper. How we respond to this tyrannical instability regime will determine if we rebuild America and defeat Globalism.

Who will save America? it isn’t one group or one person; it will be Americans working together. The middle class that make the wheels of this country turn. The people that love America! They come in all colors and all different nationalities. Americans thrive on competition to compete with larger businesses through innovation, production and entrepreneurs. There have been many attempts to discourage American people from becoming self-reliant through taxation and regulation. That hasn’t worked and neither will socialism.

Who will save America? We over 247 different patriotic advocacy groups that are basically grassroots in nature. They are supported by an estimated 120 million people. They are groups like The Convention of States that are working tirelessly to get state legislators to sign on to bring power back to the people where it belongs. This is an ambitious movement that is gaining strong support. There are a lot of young people as well as older and people of all colors. They are no respecter of persons as long as you are for American values. Visit them at: conventionofstates.com

American Family Association (AFA) lobbies to strengthen traditional families and hold life scared.

Americans For Prosperity that work to insure greater prosperity for all Americans by lowering taxes and less government regulation.

Peoples Rights (peoplevrights.org) This group works neighbor with neighbor defending the rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution.

There are so many different patriotic groups that are working everyday for America.

Who is going to save America? It is some of the new people in Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Loren Boebart, Cliff Bentz, and the the list goes on. These 17 women and 26 men are freshman making a stand against this socialist take over. And there are more coming in 2022.

Who is going to save America? It is the Constitutional Sheriffs who defends peoples Constitutional rights and defy or disregard mandates, restriction, and laws that are deemed unconstitutional.

The torch of freedom might be dim but take heart; I believe there is enough patriot loving Americans to make it shine bright again. Pray for AMERICA that GOD will bless and keep us a free nation!!

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net


The American education establishment that once was the envy of the world is now a crumbling disaster putting future generations at risk.

The United States is being out paced by dozens of other countries. It now ranks 27th in the world. That puts us below Cuba, Mexico and Brazil.

The decline in education didn’t happen over night. As more teachers got inoculated into Socialism, they felt it was their job to teach the liberal and progressive causes.

The obsession with social and emotional learning is a fixation to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) Comprehensive Sex-ED (CSE) and Social Justice instead of teaching based-education for accountability in academic achievement. American students have been taken hostage in mind deadening factories of socialism. Only one side of the ideology is taught and is not open for critical discussion and it is all under the umbrella of raising awareness.

Over the passed decade there has been an even “bigger” decline in mathematics, writing, or reading. In large part thanks to common core. Graduation rates are up because the corners are being cut through out with the fudging of grade scores and attendance. Many are coasting through by inflated grades.

Students imagination and creativeness or to be resourceful have become dead zones as the one thing public education strives for is to standardize students so everyone is on the same level. It is designed to propel students from the working class into brain dead jobs and the ones that don’t fall in line will drop out and be left on the streets or face a life of crime. While the elite class and the ones that can afford it will send their children to private or charter schools who will be trained in academics.

Students that are falling behind should be able to be tutored and encouraged to stay in school. Showing them what life is like with an education and without. No student left behind.

The state legislators that decide what the curriculum will be for public schools do not send their children to attend public schools and 22% of public school teachers send their children to private schools.

The teachers unions ever ending demands for increasing salaries, benefits and pensions requiring tax payers to support a dysfunctional system. When they graduate they should be proficient in core subjects. There should also be apprenticeships and internships. This is the way we move America forward. If we keep moving away from educating and training, we loose.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


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Women like Abigail Adams wife of John Adams, who was at the time the Massachusetts Congressional Delegate, reminded him that in the new form of government that was being established not to forget the women or they would start a revolution of their own.

Women often followed their husbands into battle. They were known as camp followers cooking, washing and providing medical help. Sometimes they were flung into the heat of the battle. Such was the case for Molly Pitcher when her husband got wounded at the Battle of Monmouth. She took his place at the cannon firing at the oncoming British.

Margaret Corbin who took her husbands place was also helping with artillery. She was wounded and left for dead alongside her husband during the assault at Fort Washington in November 1776. She lived through her wounds but was left permanently disabled. She was the first female to receive a soldiers lifetime pension after the war.

Then there was A New York teenager, Sibyl Ludington, that rode twice as far as Paul Revere in a driving rain storm in April 1777. Her ride took place in the middle of the night through Putnam and Duchess Counties to warn 400 militiamen under her father’s command that the British were planning a raid on the Continental Army supply depot.

Deborah Sampson, who disguised herself as a man at the age of 21 to fight in the Continental Army, where she fought under the name of Robert Shurtiff. That was the name of her deceased brother. She severed in the light infantry company of the Fort Massachusetts Regiment. She was wounded in her thigh and forehead in a skirmish just north of New York City. Not wanting her identity to be revealed during medical care she let the doctors treat her head wound then slipped out of the field hospital unnoticed and took out one of the bullets from her thigh with a penknife and a sewing needle. The other bullet was too deep and her leg never fully healed. Her identity was revealed in 1783 when she came down with fever while on duty in Philadelphia.

These are just a few of the women who came from all types of backgrounds; some were wives of the common soldier and wives of generals and officers. They were so devoted to the cause of freedom and independence that they were willing to take on any challenge that would advance the new form of government of the new nation.

Also there were boys sixteen years old lining up to join the Continental Army. There were young and old men and women patriots that had a longing desire to acquire freedom and independence.

Sacrifices made the ultimate price paid so others may live in freedom. Take time this Independence Day to thank God for the brave men and women that gave all.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


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