An American is a citizen by birth or by choice. The American name belongs to you. It is an honor not a privilege whether rich or poor, no matter race or skin color. Under the Bill of Rights everyone is protected to pursue what ever kind of future he wants. Americans don’t quit when there are obstacles or challenges. We don’t give up.

When people use racism for an excuse why they can’t succeed, that’s a lame reason. Let’s take a lookout some people that came from living in object poverty to becoming very wealthy.

Oprah Winfrey— born in dirt poor poverty in Mississippi to a teenage mom. Today her net worth is 2.9 billion dollars.

Shahid Khan— came from Pakistan; got to America and had nothing. Went to work as a dishwasher and became an American citizen. Today he is worth 7 billion dollars.

Clarence Thomas— born in Pin Point Georgia his father left and his mother struggling financially she had to send him to live with his maternal grandparents. Today serves as a Supreme Court Justice.

Fredrick Douglas— was born in slavery. He escaped slavery and became the first black US Marshall and was the most photographed man in the 19 Century. He became a famous author and public speaker.

There are thousands of examples of Americans from all walks of life that have come from hard times and became successful and wealthy by hard work and determination. That is the American spirit.

Americans are overall the most generous giving people in the world; always first to help where ever disaster strikes. Americans are always willing to give a hand up to help people that are having a rough start. But supporting them why they lay around for threat of their lives is what Americans object to.

In America there is an abundance of programs that are available for people who want a better life; like education loans, small business loans that help minorities and all people that need help to get their own business. These are just a couple programs there are many more. If you need a way to build a future there is a program to help.

Being an American means getting involved in the political process, not only by voting and discerning the best candidates, but making sure that they are not running to pursue an agenda, but to work toward the common good of the American citizen.

Being an American does not mean that you can’t have difference of opinion on issues, but having a debate to accomplish the very best consensus for the common good.

Being an American is appreciation and respect for the flag that is the symbol of freedom all over the world. And when the national anthem is played you stand proud and put your hand over your heart in total respect and gratitude for living in the greatest country on earth.

Being an American means supporting The Constitution that guarantees the rights and liberties that are derived from our creator.

People that don’t want to be called an American, do not support are military, hate the Constitution, hate our history, won’t salute the flag, and have no respect for the flag. So in general there is nothing about America they like. So my question is if you don’t want to be an American why don’t you just leavened go to some place you like. America would be a lot better off not having to put up with your constant complaining. So my request is will you PLEASE LEAVE.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: pulse-of-america.com. Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net


This is a time to mourn for the many that have fought and died on the battle fields, in the jungles, beaches, deserts; where ever the fight took them. For many it was a gruesome death. They were not there because they liked war, they were not there because they wanted to be, they were there because they felt it was their duty and that is where their duty took them. From the American Revolution right on through every war, there were brave men and women who fought to protect and defend America with the passion and commitment that is only found in the American Military.

Take a look at World War II. After Pearl Harbor was attacked, men and women were rushing to the recruiting centers. Germany and Japan had no idea what Americans were capable of but they soon found out. We increased total military by 36 million and in a matter of months rebuilt are arsenal, military, Air Force, Navy, Army and every kind of weapon that was essential for battle. At a speed that could not be matched today.

Then you have 911. When America was attacked, instantly 181,510 Americans enlisted to serve in.. Americans war against terror.

These are just few examples of the fine people that have sacrificed all for their country. They died some of the most horrible deaths you can imagine. If they could see what is going on today I’m sure they would be completely devastated. Everything they fought against is being mandated by the Biden administration like step by step stripping are constitutional freedoms, freedom of speech, academic freedom and the attack on our personal liberties.

What we are experiencing is a counter-revolution to the American Revolution in full force.

The people that voted for Biden and support the democratic attack on the Constitution, on this Memorial Day, owe these fine Americans that sacrificed and gave all defending the protection guaranteed by the Constitution an apology for disrespecting their sacrifices.

The ones that honor and celebrate with great appreciation and give glory for the ones that made the supreme sacrifice to preserve and defend our Constitution we owe it to them to start working to restore what last 17 months have destroyed. By making sure we get conservative American loving. God fearing patriots in the House and Senate. If we don’t get this done we have failed the ones that died for us.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net Website: pulse-of-america .org


The American media is basically owned by six corporation: GE/Comcast, News Corp, Viacom, Time Warner, Disney, and CBS.

All that to say that the media’s agenda is to shape our thinking into believing what they want us to believe. What most Americans believe is controlled through the media. The mainstream media is the most powerful and influential force in the country. This has allowed the media to be very effective in using propaganda as a strategy to accomplish promoting conflicts by separating the classes of society. This also allows the media to create an image in the mind of the masses that has an economical, psychological and sociological impact on the American people.

Propaganda is a form of communication that influences the attitude of the issues for the cause that is being presented and controlling one side of the argument.

Richard Cohen, a top syndicated columnist for the Washington Post said, “We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.”

The media has always used propaganda but it has become more inflammatory in the last two years; intended to increase fear and anxiety to divide society against itself.

This is just why we have to be very discerning about where we are getting our information and take time to investigate for ourselves who the candidates are and what they stand for because right now we are walking a thin line between freedom and full blown socialism. The people that get in office are going to be the one thing that will save us from a socialist take over.

The socialist are going to be pulling every dirty trick they can to prevent them from losing control. And the media is going to be right there reinforcing the lies and the attacks that are going to be thrown at any one that mentions the Constitution, God or stands for American values. I know they are working overtime trying to figure out how to manage control of the voting. That is why we have to be smarter this time in making sure that they have less of a chance of rigging the election.

Things we can do: Hold on to your vote until the day of the election and hand deliver it to the auditor. Use radio talk shows to promote candidate. Send emails to the Secretary of State demanding that we want more public over site. Send it often, it only takes a couple minutes. Get ahold of your local county auditor and demand more public transparency and accountability in the ballot counting. This stopping and starting the vote count and taking weeks to finalize all leaves room for manipulating the vote. Don’t be afraid to have conversations in public (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) about good conservative candidate. People getting involved and participating in the elections is important to the survival of our American way of life.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: pulse-of-america.org Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net


This is one sick perverted agenda that the Biden administration is pushing. Inflation at forty year high, the southern border crisis, chain supply in utter chaos, fuel prices at an all time high, a war in the Ukraine and his top priority is the support to move the transgender bills through congress.

These bills would approve of mutilating bodies and removing the genitals of children. This is permanent and destroys lives and the future of these children. The reason that they use to sell this deviant action is that it improves mental health and happiness. This is a lie from hell.

Among those that have had transition surgery, there is a high percentage of suicide attempts according to Paul McHugh the former chief psychiatrist at John Hopkins School of Medicine. he has confirmed that 70% to 80% of those who claim to be dissatisfied with their gender, if left alone, will out grow those feelings after a few years.

Biden’s executive transgender order is the first step to transgender mandates like transgender education, which will be a directive to the states from The Department of Education that a transgender curriculum must be included to receive any grants or government funding to any state education agency. Health-care mandate that will require hospitals to preform transition surgery. And believe me that will be paid for by public funds no doubt. Also there will be transgender housing mandate that will make it unlawful to deny a transgender from staying at a battered women’s shelter or a women’s homeless shelter.

Human Rights Campaign is an LGBTQ activist group that supports sex reassignment procedures for children and receives donations from Pfizer and Arbor. These companies manufacture puberty blockers and hormone therapy drugs.

On Mar. 31 the Biden administration released two agency documents designed to enable and encourage boys and girls to castrate themselves chemically and surgically while calling it a form of supportive health care.

The fact is there are two biological sexes one is male and one is female. You cannot make a bull a cow or a cow a bull and you cannot make a hen a rooster or a rooster a hen. And you cannot make a boy a girl or a girl a boy. There are some that feel they were born the wrong sex but that doesn’t change their biological make up. Then there are others basically being talked into being transgender by counselors or teachers that have the idea changing who they are psychologically will correct behavioral problems. This is one of the most confusing cultural issues facing us today. But gender reassignment is not a sex or gender change, it means to be living out a masquerade through the destruction of perfectly good sexual organs.

All this transgender controversy is political posturing and the Democrats are sweeping the corners and will do what ever it takes to get support and campaign donations by backing these bills. They need Pharmaceuticals, LGBTQ, Planned Parenthood and Human Rights Campaign group all on board for the 2022 elections, even if it means forcing transgenderism on the children. This is a wicked, vile attack on the innocents of America.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: pulse-of-america.org Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net


Why would anyone degrade the best military in the world that has the finest men and women that are a dedicated, and highly trained to be a powerful fighting force to protect and defend the United States. But this bunch of flunkies we have in charge now is doing everything they can to destroy the morale of the military. The military is not a social organization. Their job is to preserve peace through strength and when the need arises to kill the enemy and destroy his weapons. The military is not a social laboratory for the liberals pushing their half baked experiments of diversity, equity and inclusion training.

So far, see what Secretary of Defense Austin has done as head of the Department of Defense (DOD). He created the Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG). Experts say that there is little evidence of current or former extremism that exists in the general military population. The DOD definition of extremist is very broad. It includes traditional Catholics, Republicans, conservative pro-life views, anyone who does not support the LGBTQ, life style and those who are against COVID-19 vaccinations. They are all targets for the CEWG. Any member that doesn’t agree with Biden’s or (Austin’s) radical diversity, equity, and inclusion policy is to be considered a security threat or if they agreed with any of Donald Trump’s polices they are considered extremist and a national security threat.

All these things that are being set in place by the DOD have impacted the recruiting effort of the young people who wanted to join the military and serve their country. They are not interested in being a candidate for social engineering. We have the smallest Air Force in decades and the Army Troops are down from 485,000 to 473,000. Biden’s military budget lacks meeting the military needs in today’s world. It doesn’t even keep up with inflation.

Right now we have some joining the military because they want a government paid for operation to change their gender. Compromising readiness for politics is a stupid move that will cost American lives.

The military is meant to be discriminatory. It is important that you put the best in areas they are most qualified for.

Can you imagine the potential of a war with Russia, China, or Iran and their military trained for combat and our military trained on how to kill the enemy with kindness. These idiots in charge have put every American’s future in jeopardy.

This is just another example of how important it is to get people in charge that are dedicated to keeping America’s readiness as the upmost importance. This is another reason that the 2022 election is so important. The military has to be put back together to build the finest military with the best military weapons in the world.

We have fine people that are willing to accept the challenges and privilege of being a member of the military we must not waste them but encourage them. There is nothing more dangerous for America than a weak military.

For 247 years the military has been the guardian of America’s freedom and liberty. We must not let the Socialist degrade the protectors of our freedoms.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: pulse-of-america.org Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net Ref: Epoch Times, pointofview.net, American Thinker, Washington Times


Why would any freedom loving American listen, watch or support any of the main stream news media outlet’s?

They attack anyone who stands for the God given freedoms that this country was founded upon. The people that are for a government that functions through the perimeters of the Constitution, the main stream news media labels them as right-wing radicals, white supremacist or dangerous extremists. By using the most extreme accusations and lies they can generate enough fear into having the uninformed join them.

So going back to why would anyone want to listen to being called names and be lied to everyday?

When people want to preserve what the greatest country on earth has to offer they are vilified. Just look at the Freedom convoy and people all over the country were there by the thousands and thousands and were cheering and flag waving. The support was over whelming and the main stream news media coverage ( what little news they had) was trying to make the truckers and the people that supported the stand for freedom were being portrayed as a radical fringe group.

The more propaganda news you listen to the more you start doubting and loosing focus of American values of responsibility, morality and patriotism.

There are very good informative and alternative news sources to get the truth and that shines the light on the villains that are working their evil plot to destroy everything that is good in America.

Some of the places that put out the news that is verifiable and accurate: Epoch Times, Gateway Pundit, The Federalist, National Review, Washington Free Beacon, The Blaze, LifeSiteNews, and there is a daily commentary at ( goldendalematters.com) that has an excellent analysis of what is going on behind the scenes. These are just a few there are many more.

There has never been a time when it is so important to be informed and armed with truth as there is right now. It’s the only chance we have to try and get some American loving candidates in the House and Senate in 2022. A lot of the ones running are sick and tired of the way the Democratic Socialists are tearing this country apart. It’s going to take a concerted effort for every freedom loving American to support, vote and do what ever they can do to help regain and preserve the greatest country on earth.

There are a few good patriots in the Senate and House. They are fighting the good fight, but they desperately need reinforcements.

Voting is an act of political freedom. It is the process set in place in which your voice matters. It’s time to start looking at the newcomers that are strong Constitutional Conservatives and stop voting for the phony Republicans that act like conservatives months before time to be reelected. Thinking they come up with the right election rhetoric and slogan that they can fool the electorate into forgetting all the damage they have done by capitulating with the Democratic Socialist.

The only choices we have are voting the bums out, armed revolution which would be a blood bath beyond imagination or live in full blown socialism controlled by the communists. And left to spend the rest of our lives wishing we had another chance at freedom.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: pulse-of-america.org Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net


We are losing vital living skills thanks to our increasing dependence on technology. Too many people just don’t know how to think any more. If you need to know something you just ask Siri or Google. Using a map anymore sounds barbaric; without a navigation app you can’t get there from here. What ever the virtual assistant tells you is what you believe. Now you’re at the mercy of the ‘Tech’ Giants ! Very few people will research and discern what is fact and what is not.

Kids in school have easy access to cheating; in most schools cell phones are allowed in class. Ask a student what the class was about and they have no idea but ask them what text messages they got while in class, they no problem relating that.

In too many cases life is becoming a virtual reality game. Anytime friends or family get together talking is minimal. Every one is looking at their phones checking messages, texting or just plain ignoring what is being said or what is going on.

People are basically glued to their phones and heaven forbid if they forget their phone; they have a severe panic attack and can’t stop thinking about not having a phone and not paying attention to what they are doing. Then you have texting while driving, enough said.

As technology advances so does the threat and the more you upgrade to newer and more features the bigger target you become. The hackers are constantly figuring out how to bypass new security the day it is developed. It is very easy to become a victim of identity theft, to be pursued by a predator, and gaining access to your bank account. In today’s technological jungle the hackers are always hunting their prey.

Peoples jobs are being replaced with high tech computors but what happens when the power goes off and no one knows how to keep things going? Everything collapses!

People’s attitudes are changing and people are becoming more impatient, everything has to be right now or it is inconvenient. And this isn’t just with cell phones or computors. It is everything, need faster ways to make coffee, cook a meal or buying anything. Society is going at such a fast pace that nobody has time to just be human and enjoy what they have.

Technology is in control with having computors, cell phones and TV’s that are able to hear and electronically process what you are saying even when you are not using them. You are constantly being monitored WHY? Because selling your movements your thoughts what you buy has made these tech overlords unbelieveable fortunes.

Technology has given us a lot of improvrments and has made life easier but you have to discern the good from the bad. A computor or a cell phone is no more than an electronic device that stores information for you to access. It has no brain, it has no heart. It is just a configuration of complicated electrical components. The information that you recieve is up to you to check it out and use your common sense to recognize if you are being manipulated or lied to. Use technology wisely and to your advantage. You control it, it shouldn’t control you.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: pulse-of-america.org Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net


Why is there a concerted sexual attack on the American youth? The schools have Comprehensive Sex-Ed that is nothing more than teaching all different kinds of sex acts and gender transformation that is done through porn literature and video’s. Then you have public libraries putting animated sexual explicit books with drawings in the preschooler section. This is meant to sexualize our children all the way down to kindergarten.

What kind of perverted, sick people do we have in charge of these institutions. This kind of promiscuous literature and video’s just increase the kind of confusion that pushes innocent impressionable children into thinking a gender change would be cool. The amount of damage that is done both mentally and physically by the surgeries and medications is appalling.

With the Comprehensive Sex-Ed in schools comes sexual assault with children assaulting children, teens assaulting teens and it is becoming more and more prevalent every day. Because teaching sexual acts and experimentation is the same as giving approval. So who’s fault is it that this is going on? You would have to say the ones that are promoting it. These teachings often begin as early as kindergarten and elementary school. This kind of teaching would have been unthinkable a generation ago.

The hygiene classes of the past warned about the horrifying consequences of premarital sex, venereal diseases, mental scars, the moral and emotional problems. But what we have today would be like comparing a vitamin to rat poison.

Where does all this lead to? A sexual addiction that just keeps growing. The lust for more and more explicit experiences like rape, molestation, brutal attacks, kidnapping, and even murderer.

The curriculum that are used in the schools were put together by the LBGT and Planned Parenthood. A lot of their material comes from the sick twisted mind of pedophiliac. Alfred Kinsey who unleashed sexual perversion on the American public to break down family, culture, and traditional morality and so far it has worked well.

Most institutions are under the control of a Democratic administration and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America has a great amount of influence in the Democratic party and donate huge amounts of money to the party. Planned Parenthood is taxpayer funded. From 2013-2015 they raked in a cool $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds and in 2020 reported to have received $616.8 million. We are paying them to destroy all morality that exists in America.

The youth of today are the future. What they learn is what will determine what kind of society we live in and the way it is headed right now is down the road to moral decay. Without morality there is no right or wrong. I believe when it comes to that point, the Bible tells us how it will end unless we regain the moral high ground and put faith in our Creator, pray and ask God to heal our country.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: pulse-of-america.org Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net References: The Christian Post-Hertiage Foundation-Informed Parents of Washington and Washington Post


If the Canadians would have still had their guns, the attack by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the peaceful protesters (like trampling them with horses or beating them to the ground with batons) would not have happened. Not saying that they would have started shooting but just knowing that the citizens would be able to defend themselves, the RCMP would have not been so brave and Trudeau would have had second thoughts about kicking the hornets nest.

The thing you have to remember is that the RCMP is a national and international police force that works with the UN. There were UN planes that showed up at the airport in North Bay, one hour away from Ottawa, just before the time the Mounties started attacking. It’s believed by many in Canada that they brought in UN troops that were wearing Mounties uniforms. (Article in the North Bay Bay News) Although the Canadian news media unequivocally denies.

All that to say, the idea of enforcing totalitarian tactics we seen in Canada, is a dream of the Globalist in the United States. You had the Obama administration working with the United Nations Trade Treaty Commission to impose their rules on the US, which would be a violation of the 2nd Amendment.

Then you have billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Nick Hanauer, George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, Rupert Murdock, Chris Bergh, Warren Buffet, and David Rockefeller and there is more that all give millions to bankroll the anti gun groups. Most that they have anonymously created. These same people use their money to lobby state and federal electors, some of which they have hand picked to move more and more gun restriction laws forward.

This anti gun rhetoric has nothing to do with the reducing of crime, this about disarming law-biding citizens. The cities that have the most stringent gun laws have the highest increase in homicides. This is about the lust for power and control. It’s almost impossible to take control of an armed citizenry.

They use terms like”high-capacity magazines” and “assault rifles” to market fear. Those statements are completely misleading. It is all a scheme to instill paranoia to the gullible.

What do these billionaires all have in common: their desire for Great Reset theory plot to establish a totalitarian, one-world government. But with 390 million guns and 82 million gun owners that is the one thing that holds them at bay.

With decrease in funding of police and the amount of police that have just left law enforcement because of the crippling restrictions to block them from doing their job., basically this pretty much puts you on your own if there is a threat so it’s a good idea to be to defend yourself. Most law biding American gun owners use guns for hunting, target shooting and have them to defend and protect their families, their neighbors and themselves.

So let’s take a look at the ones who want to take your guns. Anytime they go out in public they have two to six armed body guards and many of them are carrying a hand gun of their own. According to the Giffords Law Center most billionaires and celebrities have a concealed carry permit.

Do you really believe the ones that funnel millions of dollars to these gun groups are concerned about your quality of life? WAKE UP! It’s another globalist trick to take away your freedoms.

I can’t imagine anyone, when a criminal has them or their family in a life threatening situation, not wanting a way to be able to defend themselves.

PATRIOTS+ Guns= Freedom

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: pulse-of-america.org Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net Reference: National Rife Ass., Second Amendment foundation and The Federalist


Once you dumb down the schools so the students are not learning to think, they become easy prey for the cowardly Globalist, Communist, Fascists and Rinos. These are the ones that make up the Marxist Democrat Party. They are freedoms enemy, using a constant state of fear as the driver for their goal.

According to government statistics, America’s education system is failing more every year. They lower expectations and shift from academic excellence in mathematics, science, reading history toward the implementation of social constructs like Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sex-ED equals fewer graduates.

Social adjustment tactics are accelerating the decline of the education system which is reminiscent of China’s Culture Revolution. Teacher’s unions are working feverishly to hide the truth.

High school students in America at graduation have an average of 22 percent understanding of science, 12 percent understanding of history, writing 27 percent proficiency and 34 percent proficient in reading. This should be unacceptable. The American education system keeps costing more every year and the quality keeps declining.

Some states like Washington have eliminated testing so you do not know the amount of students that are failing and the current standards are lowering bar for academics.

Decades ago, America had an education system that was the envy of the world but more and more it became based on a government monopoly system so the degrading of education is the work of the bureaucratic intention. This should be called what it is, an act of treason. With a crumbling American education system the day of reckoning is now at hand.

However there are three beacons of hope. The first is the public charter schools which has grown by 62% since 2013, despite teachers unions and their political allies trying to suppress and legislate them out of business and block their consistent record of success.

The second is the grassroots outrage of the entire education system with bloated budgets that at end of the year most administrations are in a panic on how to dump the money that is left on things that are not needed so next year they can get an increase in their budget. Also the obscene cost of salaries, benefits and huge pensions. This has angered the over taxed public that is economically battered and is not willing to tolerate continual tax increases. To support an education system that is obviously and totally dysfunctional.

The third is to make it possible to have legislation to allow school districts by vote to reform as a Charter District which would receive all public funding that it previously had. This would provide for public approval on the curriculums that would be taught.

The education system is the future of America. Without a good education system there is no future. That’s why it is time to rebuild the education system with meaningful academics that are life building essentials to societal development.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: pulse-of-america.org Email: pulseofliberty@gorge.net References: Epoch Times-Washington Policy Center- Clark County Today and Hillsdale College.