What may have started out as a peaceful protest was sabotage by groups that were waiting for the opportunity to cause mayhem and were well prepared to make the best of it. They had abundant supply of weapons, incendiary devices, bottles and bricks that were dropped off in strategic locations. They mobilized from different areas and were on the move headed for the first stop Minneapolis, the minute that the George Floyd video hit the internet. There have even been reports of people arriving at the airport terminal in Newark on May 29, 2020 from other countries to join the violent groups. A communist expert Trevor Loudon stated. ” That there are hundreds of foreign agitators and organizers operating in this country”.

These are not peaceful protesters blowing off steam, these are dangerous roving mobs. Bernard B. Kerik former police commissioner of the New York Police Dept. said, “Antifa has exploited these protests 100 percent”. You have 40 different states and 60 cities and growing where they’re looting, burning, and attacking police and anyone else that gets in their way.

Antifa is the only group that is well funded enough to make it possible to provide for the equipment and travel cost. This is the beginning of a well planned and communist inspired revolution. They have military grade equipment and radios with scouts that are keeping in touch with a central command.

Giving into their demands, being weak and appeasing these groups is stupid to think they will stop. Antifa and the violent component of Black Lives Matter are not going to stop when you give in, you just give them more power.

These are not just riots, this is America under siege. Their goal is to capture these cities and take them over and the sad part about it is the authorities are letting them. The Governors, Mayors and Police Chiefs have no business turning anything over to them or letting them destroy property.

The FBI and Dept. of Homeland Security have been tracking these groups intensively for the last four years. So why have they let them build an organization that their only purpose is to overthrow the United States government. They won’t do anything about a group that is a terminal threat to America.

But just look at Ruby Ridge: Randy Weaver was a Green Beret and also supposedly worked with the CIA during the Vietnam war. After coming home he just wanted to go somewhere and be left alone. He took his wife and went to a remote place in Idaho. He was set up on a phony weapons charge, didn’t make a court appearance and was met with the full force of the FBI and ATF. Killing his wife and two kids in standoff to bring him in. Then you have Waco Texas with the Branch Davidians and David Koresh. A strike force from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI destroyed their complex and killed 80 people which included children on suspected charges. Neither one of these groups were destroying property, hurting people or trying to overthrow the government.

American Thinker June 8, 2020 article by Monica Showalter, shows Black Lives Matter (BLM) cofounder Opal Tometi with communist dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro at event in Harlem, NY. where he gave a lecture. Some of the activists in the audience were actor Danny Glover and Democratic New York Sen. Bill Perkins.

These riots and lootfests are supported, influenced and funded by a lot of foreign groups as well as domestic groups like Freedom Road Socialist Organization, a George Soros charity and Onward Together, a Hillary Clinton charity, both gave money to Antifa.

The tactics that are being put in place by Antifa and BLM in Seattle’s autonomous zone are the same way ISIS operates and that is very frightening. In 2012 the US Intelligence briefed President Obama on the dangerously growing threat that ISIS was and they are going to have to be reckoned with but President Obama did nothing. You can see how that turned out.

By not putting a stop immediately to what is now an occupied territory it will just keep expanding. If there isn’t swift action taken quickly, there is going to be people hurt, killed and property seized and destroyed, just look at Syria.

What started this whole thing was bad and the police officers involved are going to receive the full punishment of the law but the idea that destroying cities, hurting and killing people is going to make things better is lunacy. I pray we can unite and stand together, stop the fighting and hating that accomplishes absolutely nothing.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


There are all sorts of vaccine’s and when the government can tell you that you have to be vaccinated there is all kinds of things that can be injected into your body. Such as Aluminum, a known undisputed toxin,neurotoxin and teratogen ( an agentor factor that causes malformation of an embryo). It is also known to cause brain damage. Then you have Mercury(thimerosal) that contributes to the striking rise of autism. Mercury is one of the most harmful ingredients in vaccines. Another ingredient is formaldehyde which has been linked to leukemia. And the list goes on: phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), fetal bovin serum ( aborted cow blood), gelatin (ground up animal carcasses, urea ( metabolic waste from human urine) and this is still not all. The FDA has pretty much let the vaccine makers access the results of vaccines and they go along with their recommendations and approve it.

The Federal Government has paid out 3.8 billion dollars in compensation to victims that have been permanently damaged from vaccines. As the use of vaccines become more and more the health decline in children has grown enormously such as autism, leukemia, asthma, attention deficit disorder, hearing loss, skin and tissue disorders including eczema. Every baby today is given about 70 doses of 16 vaccines.

Vaccines are notoriously ineffective against flu viruses. The flu vaccine for example is typically 19% effective. So why would the results of the Covid-19 be expected to be any different? Dr. Fauci admitted during his appearance before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, “There’s no guarantee that the vaccine is going to be effective.”

Viruses will mutate and drift, when this happens the vaccine that you took for one flu virus will not be recognized by the new flu virus. So how do you make a vaccine that will be effective for every virus that comes along.

The vaccines for polio and smallpox had natural ingredients and replicated the live virus with very little side affects as did most of the older vaccines.

But today vaccines have become a billion dollar industry and there is a vaccine marketed for everything. It’s a double edged sword. Then the companies that make the vaccine make the drugs that are prescribed for the side effects caused by the vaccine. Vaccines are a very profitable protection racket.

Isn’t it a little curious that the depopulation club is all billionaires: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Mike Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey, David Rockefeller and Ted Turner all are heavily invested in vaccine manufactures like: GlaxoSmithKline, Merck& co, Novavax, and Inovio Pharmaceuticals. All these companies have partnerships with China.

Gates Foundation is the worlds leading vaccine distributor. Article in Gates Founded the Global Alliance for Vaccines and immunization (GAVI) in 2000. At a TED conference in 2007 he stated that we can reduce the population by perhaps 10 or 15 percent with new vaccines. Natural News article May 17, 2020 by Ethan Huff: Bill Gates admits 700,000 people will be harmed or killed by his coronavirus vaccines.

There is a lot of information about the dangers of vaccines but the ones that are promoting vaccines are billionaires that are invested in vaccines, institutions and researchers that get big government grants and manufactures that make big profits on vaccines.

Written By : Delmer Eldred

Sources includes: CBS News 12/17, USA Today 10/5/2015-2/15/2018, AP News 6/27/2019, 3/16/2020,, FRN 5/29/2020 and 6/9/2020


The media updates every hour, the constant news echoing the same gibberish trying to make you think every news update that things are getting worse.

But finally it looks like some of the dark days are behind us and the sun is going to shine again. Although things will probably not be what we enjoyed before CCP flu. If we do get back to normal it’s going to take people demanding that the authorities take off the chains. The way to fight these unreasonable restrictions is through elections, sending emails and petitions. The silent majority is going to have to become active to regain the liberty and freedoms that have been taken hostage by the Governors and Mayors. Thomas Jefferson said,”I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”.

Small business are going to need to stick together and help each other. The more small businesses we lose the less chance there is of propping up the economy, rebuilding the free market and regaining the jobs that have been lost.

As Americans we are all going to have to work to repair the damage. No doubt this is going to be another struggle in American history. But like in the past our fortitude has never wavered. When a national crisis arises the American people come together and work to solve the issue.

But this is the first time we have had so many that want to see America fail. The main stream media always pounding the drum for the Socialist movement has become a cancer that can only be defeated when American values are restored in to the fabric of are everyday lives

Written By: Delmer Eldred


For all intense and purposes the Wuhan Institute of Virology is a Bio Weapons research center. It is rated as a Biosafety Level 4 which is the highest risk and is one of the most restricted labs in China with the highest safety procedures and security. Hard to believe the Covid-19 was leaked by accident.

Chen Wei, a Major General of the People’s Liberation Army and China’s top military biological weapon expert was appointed to take over the Wuhan lab, sparking speculation that Covid-19 could be linked to the army and that the lab is run by the Beijing’s military.

China knew of the coronavirus on November 17,2019 and had data that a new type of virus was identified. Dr. Ai Fen, director of emergency at Wuhan Central hospital, was the one who put out early warnings and pointed out cases of a new kind of Sars-like virus. She put out warnings on social media and was reprimanded; her post was erased. In an April 1st article in New York Post by Amanda Woods, it said that Dr. Ai Fen had disappeared and whereabouts is unknown.

World Health Organization(WHO) was notified by Taiwan the last week of December 2019, that the the Wuhan Virus was spreading through human to human contact. WHO, an ally of the Chinese Communist Party, was putting out disinformation that the Chinese government was providing, when they knew the virus was spreading from human to human. They were helping the Chinese government cover up what was actually happening. On Jan 3, 2020 Chinese authorities ordered that all virus samples be destroyed and data sealed. And ordered that the Wuhan doctors be silenced. On Jan. 8, 2020 WHO put out a statement advising against any trade or travel restrictions on China. This delay ultimately led to a devastating spread of the virus. ( March 20 ,2020

Wuhan filled with tourists to celebrate the Chinese New Year. A perfect vehicle for passing the virus on with tens of thousands exposed. Some 5 million people had left the city before they put restrictions in place.

Then you have Dr. Faucinstein, the mad scientist that worked on research that is now causing this pandemic. (New York Times, Dec 2017). Dr Fauci’s research has alarmed scientists world wide at the risk of creating a monster germ. ( Oct 14, 2013) After a series of lab mishaps of a deadly engineered virus, President Obama order to halt funding of Fauci’s dangerous experiments.( So Fauci, despite what the Obama administration said about prohibiting money to be given to any lab that was fooling around with these viruses, Dr. Fauci gave 3.7 million to the Wuhan Laboratory. Even after the State Dept. issued reports that the laboratory was unsafe. This was the only way Fauci could continue his experiments. Question?? Did Fauci help China engineer the virus? How could he have known that a pandemic, that he predicted in 2017, would occur in two years?

It’s important to remember the other player in the Covid-19 virus, the vaccine salesman. Bill Gates, the second biggest donor to the World Health Organization (WHO), basically owns the WHO. The WHO is backing the research of Moderna and Curvac, which both companies are receiving funds from the Gates foundation. And both companies have went into partnership with Shangai Fosun Pharma of China. Gates is pushing for every man , woman and child in the nation to get vaccinated. Why would a population control advocate want to save people?

There’s a whole lot more to this pandemic behind the scenes that is worse than the flu. The globalist agenda: order out of chaos, exploit every crisis to manipulate the public into consenting. When you can in still fear in the general public, from a virus that can kill them at any given moment, they will forget about the threat to their life, liberty and freedom.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


COVET-19 has become an opportunity for Democratic Governors to impose tyrannical restrictions and unconstitutional acts. Many states are looking at governmental control over their political, economic and social life.

Just look at what most of these states that are run by Democratic Governors have done: pushed through the red flag law where a neighbor, family members, ex spouses or anyone who has it out for you can call the police and have your guns taken away. Now they have a special number people can call and report if they feel someone is violating a restriction that the Governor has imposed. They say that we have to continue the lock down until it is safe. Well that leaves the door to social control wide open. Safe from what? COVET-19, safe from climate change, safe from mosquitoes or anything that they declare a crisis. Now with an almost gleeful tone announcing that it could take 2 years before we are safe from COVET-19. The point is, a shutdown plus restrictions until we are safe is ridiculous. This kind of rhetoric is just a cover for the continued consolidation of power over the state.

Living is not safe!!! There is always something that has a way of causing harm: getting struck by lighting, a spider bit, falling off a ladder, getting hit by a car, drowning. Living is risky. Every year we are going to have a flu season, sometimes worse than others. Just like there are always going to be colds, pneumonia and diseases.

Once people have spent their savings and businesses are shutdown, this will create a dire situation where people will depend on the Governor and Government for their lively hood and well being.

As people begin to protest the shutdown and restrictions they are getting labeled by the news media as radicals, white supremacist, racist and illegal demonstrator’s. When actually they are just working people with families that want their live back. But if they can whip up enough negativity that these people are out of control then they use the police to shut them down.

If you can’t see what is going on you are blind and if you don’t hear what the Governors and their policy makers are really saying you,re deaf. By using propaganda, convincing people that you are keeping them safe, is the pathway to Dictatorship.

Right now many states are at a crossroad: a right turn takes you to America, a left turn takes you to Venezuela.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


It’s time to come out of hibernation and wake up America. We have had enough protection; now we would like to get back to enjoying life. If we can? Faced with the new normal (whatever that means): people making muffled conversations through a mask, wearing bacteria infected rubber gloves. Oh for the good ole days, like back in December of 2019 when people weren’t afraid of each other. We could go to church, go to ball games, go out for dinner, get together with family and friends, go to the movies and go fishing. Those were the days when we didn’t have to wake up every morning hearing inflated updates with the fear it’s just going to get worse, the need for people to stay home should be extended and social distancing restriction remain in effect. It would be great if people would just get back to living and quit worrying about what the fear mongers are putting out.

We need more people like Bob Martin who refused to close his Barber Shop( Rick Savage opened his restaurant and bar. Now under the order of the Governor of Maine, the State health Dept. pulled his health and liquor licenses ( Sally Luther, she is an American hero. She defied the shutdown order of her business(a salon) on the basis that she has the unalienable right to work and provide for her family. She didn’t back down even after facing 7 days in jail and fines. Read full story in the Daily Caller. There are more people every day in America that are sick and tired of all the ridiculous proclamations.

This is reaching the tipping point and it is time to stop this continued attack against the businesses, churches and all other normal functions of live. People want there lives back and it is going to get ugly if these Governors and Judges keep throwing their authoritarian weight around. But maybe that is what they want!! An uprising would give them an excuse for strong central power and limit peoples political freedoms.

We need to constantly send emails, phone calls, letters to the editors, and petitions to force them to give us back are lives as free Americans. If you don’t like what is going on and don’t say anything about it than don’t complain when you get more of it.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


The Bee population is dropping at breckneck speed. A 40% drop in the winter 2018-2019. A big concern is the use of Neonicotinoids(Neonics) which is a synthetic pesticide used to prevent insect damage. They are used widely on farms, nurseries, gardening and landscaping. There is a number of brand names that contain it but the chemicals that are used the most: Imidacloprid (the most common), Dinotefuran,Thiamethoxam,and Acetamiprid. These chemicals are sprayed on crops, turf, and fruit trees they are also used to coat seeds before they are planted. When the seeds sprout the plant carries the chemical into it’s leaves, stems and roots. Neconics can last for a long time.

When the bees consume the nectar and collect the pollen from treated plants the bees track it inside the hives. Neconics do not discriminate between bees and insects. The pollinators become collateral victims.

Neconics are not the only thing that is causing Colony Collapse Disorder but it is playing a major role as a toxic attack to bee colonies.

Albert Einstein-“Mankind will not survive the honeybee’s disappearance for more than five years.”

Bees are responsible for about one third of the food we eat. They also contribute about 20 billion dollars a year to the crop value in the United States. (ABC news July 9. 2019).

There are plants and seeds available that do not contain Neconics. Some of the garden stores are turning away from getting plants and flowers that have been treated. Home Depot for instance has stopped carrying plants that have Neconics.

The decline in bees will lead to higher food prices and some foods will start to become scarce. Even cotton depends on the bees to pollinate.

Taking care of the bees is important and necessary to support the food supply.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


The Cares Act could possibly be the vehicle that drives the country right into high inflation. You just can’t make money to pour into the economy without consequences; when you decrease the value of the dollar prices go up.

The Coronavirus shutdown has severely damaged the ability to produce goods and services. This to is going to cause a shortage henceforth price increases.

The financial flu could make the COVED-19 look like a rainy Sunday afternoon. The bank crisis from the way it looks right now, some banks are going to have to be nationalized to survive.

This is not just a United States problem, it is global. 184 countries are facing economic and supply obstacles that are going to have to be dealt with. So it’s supply and demand to the highest bidder.

The one thing that is causing devastation is the fact that we’ve out sourced so much to China. Now China is not sending medical supplies or generic medicines and many other everyday things that we use that are not going to be available. You can’t feed the dragon without getting burned.

The one thing is that until the vital organs of the economy get working again, everyone is going to have to be frugal and buy wisely to feed your family and keep the lights on.

But the one thing hopefully that this has taught us is we can’t live from pay check to pay check. We have to prepare for emergencies at times when things we need are not available. Always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If you have extra and never have to use it, it is better than not having it and unable to get it. You can’t wait until there’s a crisis to come up with a plan.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


The Democratic party is becoming a lonely place as the ones who don’t want to turn to radical socialism are leaving the party in droves.

The constant barrage of attacks on the foundations of America, the leaders of the party always trying to out left each other with their gloom and doom message, the liberal loonies have driven the moderates from the party. It’s surprising at some who are leaving the Democratic party gay people, ethnic minorities and millennials. ( Just take a look at #walkaway

They’ve seen how the liberal rhetoric like helping the poor doesn’t add up. The cities and states that are run by Democrats have the most homelessness, poverty and crime and it just continues to get worse.

The left has a hateful contempt for Christian values, armed services, law enforcement and the American Flag, This leaves real American Democrats separating from the party and veterans outraged.

There was a time when the Democrats and Republicans had different views on the direction of the legislation that was presented, but the new take over of the Democratic party by the socialist is bent on the demise of anything that resembles the rights afforded by the Constitution. What the Democrats have mapped out for America is a road to hell.

With the mass exodus of people leaving the party, maybe it’s time for the Libs to place an ad to try and recruit new members but it would have to read like this.


If you have no regard for the sacrifices that have been made by so many to insure the freedoms and liberties that you enjoy; if you believe in abortion on demand; if you reject Christian values; if you want the constitution to be torn up; if you think there should be no freedom of speech; if you think law biding citizens should not have the right to own firearms; if you want someone who started his own business to be saddled with unfair taxes; if you would like the courts to decide what your rights are; if you have a desire for complete socialist control.

Then you are just what we are looking for and you have a bright future waiting for you in the Democratic Party.

I just hope in November that we put the Donkey back in the barn.

Written By : Delmer Eldred


The things that Governor Inslee has been able to accomplish by shutting down the state and imposing the stay at home order.

By shutting down businesses he has created a devastating blow to small business owners who still have to pay their taxes, utilities, rent , insurance and loan payments. With no money coming in there’s a good chance that many of them will probably not be able to start up again.

This shutdown has put close to half a million people out of work who still have house payments, insurances to pay, car payments, groceries, utilities to pay, loan payments and property payments. Even with some things that have been deferred for months they will still have to be paid. The ones that do get there jobs back will have a monstrous task trying to catch up on their bills. They’ve already borrowed off their retirement plan, depleted their savings or cashed in on what investments they had.

This has caused many to be left wondering how they are ever going to dig their way out of the hole. They are depressed and worried. This is causing way more problems than the flu. Suicides are up , alcohol and marijuana use is increasing at an alarming rate. Their sales have had an enormous spike and domestic violence is up 22%.

With private contractors shutdown, people that were building homes are sitting with a home that is partially build and no job, and a home building loan that still has to be paid.

Another strategic move was to shutdown fishing to help stop the spread of the flu. In the other 49 states it’s okay to fish but not in Inslee’s state. This is just another way for Inslee to browbeat the public with his ambitious quest for social control.

If there had been a total of 711 flu deaths in Okanogan County, Ferry County, Grant County or Klickitat County do you really think the whole state would be shutdown???

If you give people precautionary guide lines to follow, requesting them to be responsible and make protection practices the utmost important thing they can do. People and businesses for the most part will take active measures and it will be better than any government restrictions. Nobody wants to be sick and businesses are not going to operate during a pandemic in a non-precautionary way. They will have their best efforts to insure that their businesses, the customers and employees are safe.

Destorying peoples lively hood, causing anxiety, panic and fear, decimating the economy is not the cure for the flu.

Written By: Delmer Eldred