A time when Christmas was everywhere the music filled the stores, the streets and it was music with a story. Filled with feelings, warmth and comfort. The Christmas displays in the store windows were creations of wonder. The little towns with model trains that were fully operating, people figures that actually moved, the enormous light displays and the life like manger scenes.

Every one you met wishing you a Merry Christmas. It was a happy time of the year. There was a Santa in every store listening to the children’s request. The Salvation Army bell ringers were in most store door ways and people would donate freely. When I was growing up I would save up two dollars in quarters to put in the collection buckets when I passed one.

There were Christmas programs in the churches and everyone was packed with people that had come to see and hear the Christmas story. Churches had the best music and plays that told the Christmas story.

Each family had their own traditions and meanings that built memories that lasted forever. The tree decorating was a family project. Some of the decorations were made by hand and hung on the tree. But the greatest gift was the feeling of the love of Christmas in your heart and the warmth of families being together and sharing. For three weeks in December Christmas kindness filled the air. Most gifts were simple and affordable like slippers, pajamas, perfumes, socks etc. You didn’t have to spend the rest of the year trying to pay for Christmas.

But for the most part that feeling and magic has been lost and almost resented. Stores don’t put up anymore displays than they have to. Traditional Christmas music is to offensive and manger scenes are not allowed in many places. Some stores will not let the Salvation Army bell ringers near them. The donations that they collect have helped many come out of poverty and rehabilitated thousands of people. When disaster strikes they are there to help. But they are a Bible believing Christian group. So you can’t have somebody like that collecting donations at Christmas time in front of your store.

The war on Christmas, what is it that the liberal atheist want to destroy? The fact that God sent his son Jesus to pay for our sins, the love of family and friends that flourishes at Christmas time, the joy of giving and sharing, a time of celebrating and thanking God for all the blessings He has bestowed on us. Why do we give in to these evil whiners and let them steal the joy that Christmas brings.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Ignorance of what it is the liberals are doing is what allows them to move the Socialist agenda and fulfill their appetite for the kind of control that will put this country and the people in submission. When they can separate people to keep them from communicating with one another sharing about what they have read, what they have seen and what they know. Bad people fool good people into following evil because they don’t think for themselves.

The move of using the coronavirus to keep people from attending church shows that the liberals must believe in GOD because they don’t want the faithful gathering . They are afraid of the power of prayer. No Christmas services, no families getting together to pray and celebrate Christ’s Birthday, no Christmas plays and no caroling. They want to eliminate Christmas. This is just another way to silence Christians and their moral believes.

They shutdown churches but BLM and Antifa protests ( that turn into riots) get preferential treatment.

Through wars, disasters, plagues and pandemics the people of faith have come together in their churches and synagogues and prayed for the nation to be healed. But not now if people gather to pray at a time when are nation is in peril, the authorities will be called to levy fines. Is this really America anymore? We all need to wake up and see what is really going on. Liberalism is just piecemeal Socialism.

Socialism doesn’t work if you have people that believe in GOD, the Bible and morality as their sustaining values. For Socialism to work people must put all their faith in the state and depend on the government to provide for them.

Three things that Socialism has to destroy to survive is religion because it offers rival authority to the state, the family because it rivals loyalty and property because it means independence. Socialism must maintain power over the people and these three things are not acceptable.

The Socialist have been using the coronavirus to carry out their plan to disconnect America from traditional Christianity.

But the power of prayer when people come together can restore America and defeat Socialism.

Let this Christmas be a time of thankfulness and prayer.

When people were being persecuted for their faith, they prayed to GOD for a place where they could have the freedom to worship. GOD provided a way and they came to America to practice the freedom and liberty that they desired. It’s up to us to keep it.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


For all intent and purposes what we have here is a Coronavirus Industry built to create more wealth for the globalist, used to instill fear in people, shutdown churches and synagogues, eliminate any social activities. In many ways it has created a public system of control similar to communism.

The small businesses are getting clobbered with regulations and with closures that are making it impossible to keep going. More of them are going out of business every day. Most small business people are of the conservative mind set and probably vote Republican. That has more to do with the regulations and mandates than the Coronavirus. While on the other hand the corporate stores and businesses profits are increasing. The Governors in these Democratic controlled states are basically one by one eliminating the competition. It has little to do with the Coronavirus. The manipulation in the numbers of infections corresponds with what ever is going on at the time. There are a lot of examples: like a Trump rally in Washington D.C., increased evidence of voter fraud, people in some states protesting lock-downs, and any kind of conservative action that might gain attention to what is really going on. BINGO! We got a whole bunch of new cases of infections and more mandates. But after the election when they thought it was a done deal that Biden had won the election handily, infections started dropping. For a few days there was very little news about the COVID spread. Then as more news of the corruption in the voting came out, well that old COVID comes to the rescue and the numbers shot up again.

The Covid guru, Flip Fliop Fauci, works the same way. He has been on every side of the issue. It just depends what’s going on and there are so many examples of his back and forth rhetoric: 60 minutes on March 8th Fauci, ” There’s no reason to wear mask.” When the lobbyist for the mask manufactures got on his case, he said, “Everyone needs to wear a mask when they are outside.” In August Fauci said, “Schools need to be shutdown and need to adopt virtual learning.” Then after the election Fauci said, “Kids need to get back in school for in person learning. Fauci is a front man for the elites that are directing people into the world the way they want it.

Dr. Fauci has been working on developing a strain of Coronavirus for years. In 2014 after President Obama learned what Fauci was working on was dangerous, he put a stop to it. Then in 2015 Fauci let the monster out of the closet and gave the lab in Wuhan China 3.7 million to continue the experiment. Both Bill Gates and Fauci in 2017 warned of a pandemic that would hit us in two years. Gates and George Soros are heavily invested in the Wuhan lab. Soros, Gates, David Rockefeller, Fauci and the World bank all have huge amounts of money invested in virus development and vaccine factories and they want a huge return.

When you listen to the ones that are scaring people about the COVID coming to get you, they are the ones that are getting federal money for the amount of cases that they can come up with.

The American people are being duped and robbed so many different ways in the name of Coronavirus.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

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Many places now that have Sheriffs that are not enforcing illegal mandates and that is giving people a back bone to push back against the tyrannical power that these Governors have given themselves. People have had enough of their lives being ruined by these lock-downs, mandates and telling people who can come to their homes and who can’t, who they can have at their weddings, what kind of family get togethers are allowed and now Coronavirus curfews. Do they really think that the people would put up with it forever or is this part of a plan to cause an uprising? Seems like they just keep piling on more restrictions trying to get the ball rolling. So what’s the end game plan? Are the Socialist trying to set a trap so they can force the Insurrection Act If Biden makes the White House.

The bureaucracies and other groups that will be making all the decisions in that administration, it would be a dream come true to be able to silence and punish the patriots.

Without loyal Americans standing in the way it’s a home free card for the Socialist so they can rewrite the Constitution and reset America to destroy capitalism.

As more protests and people violating the restrictions that the Governors have put in place, the US military and the national guard are under going training to enforce the law and quelling civil disturbances. The National Guard units have been trained for this mission and are ready when their Governors call.

With the people being robbed of having a legal election and the constant assault on the people that want the election results to be audited, along with the Coronavirus and the media stoking the flames saying that the ones standing in the way and that are fighting back against the socialist movement are dangerous.

The stage is set for civil war. Americans are exhausted with trying to use peaceful means to keep in place the American values of freedom and liberty.

Where all this will end up is anyone’s guess. It takes a lot to make people who believe in the rule of law and have strong moral values, always thinking that for the most part good will triumph over evil. But they keep taking and pushing. We are at the tipping point.

I pray that it will never come to this because once it starts there is no turning back and the consequences are going to be dire. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!!

Written By: Delmer Eldred


This is coming to America and Big Tech will be enforcing it . If Biden happens to get in the White House he wants to expand this system. It functions like the one being used in China today. It would enable the federal government to control every facet of your life. You will be tracked by facial recognition systems in real life. There will be nothing that you do that the Government won’t know. What you buy, where you go, who you associate with.

Everything you do will show up on your cumulative social credit score. This will determine your worth to the nation. The better the score the more benefits you are entitled to receive from the government. The kind of house you are eligible to have, access to schools, the type of job you can have and whether you can travel or not. A bad social credit score would severely limit the kind of life that you would have. You would face punishment for your social non-adaptive ways of behavior whether the be real or perceived.

With the assistance of the Tech companies this system would provide full dictatorial power.

This is a concerted effort to collapse the pillars of freedom and liberty. It is designed to be a sophisticated system to crush dissent.

So how do you keep this from happening? You elect people to Congress, state and local government that have a desire to keep the American principles of self-government, self-regulation and self-sustaining. Basically maintaining a government that broadly reflects the will of the people guided by the limits of the constitutionally protected liberties.

The Congress and state legislatures have the power to put the brakes on any legislation that would allow a Social Credit Score System. But they will only respond when they get an over whelming amount of outrage from the voters. We have to stand up and speak out against this erosion of are rights. Congress and state legislators will only work to protect are rights when they get held accountable from the voters.

Abandon Facebook, Twitter and Google. Use other search engines like DuckDuckGo and there are many others. Use social media sites like Parler, MeWe and

Written By: Delmer Eldred


We all need to learn from President Trump. No President has been attacked, ridiculed, mocked threatened and vilified so viciously. When they come at him he stands up and fires back. It’s a great feeling to have a leader that doesn’t back down and give into the hate filled liberals, the Hollywood loonies and the socialist media.

The rhetoric of impeachment began immediately after he was elected. Then came the Russian Collusion which was a complete fabrication. Every riot, every Back person that gets shot, every hurricane, tornado, every wildfire anything bad that happens is Trump’s fault. The liberal media comes up with a mantra and they all sing the same thing over and over again trying to sell their liberal agenda.

But the truth is President Trump (having to wade through all this liberal manusha) has made amazing accomplishments and delivered on what he promised. When the liberals, throwing everything at him to ruin him , he just gets more determined and never quits fighting for the American people. President Trump didn’t need to be President. He has got plenty of money and had a great life. But he couldn’t stand by and watch America slipping into the hands of the socialists. He truly loves America wants to restore its founding principles. GOD willing, President Trump will get four more years so he can keep restoring the principles that this country was founded on. But the American people are going to have to support actions that are being presented to preserve and protect the Constitution and put a stop to all these voting fraud SHENANIGANS that the liberals are using.

We have just witnessed the most corrupt election in US history and hopefully the recounting will produce the correct out come. The people have to put pressure on Congress and state officials for voter ID to be required to vote.

We must never quit shining the light on this evil. The consequences are too great. Defunding the police (that’s what keeps society from desending into violent chaos); teaching lies instead of the truth about the miracle of American history and anything goes sex-ed in our schools. Our churches and synagogues are endangered. We must be like President Trump and be relentless in fighting to keep American free. It’s our country, It’s our future.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Election tampering and voting fraud use to be a federal crime and people would be prosecuted and sent to prison. But now it’s accepted practice by the Democrat Party and they call that winning.

The United States is rapidly becoming a Banana Republic. The democrat Party has been heavily financed by foreign interest. The dark money funneled in from super PAC’s like Priorities USA that receive unlimited amounts of money without disclosing it’s donors.

Then you have American Bridge. It’s a big donor to the Democrat Party and beholden to the Chinese Communist Party. Plus the Billionaire Globalists.

Meanwhile President Trump receives the majority of his money from regular working class Americans that donate between 15 to 200 dollars a month.

So let’s take a look at what is really going on here is a bomb-shell report by Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney who served in top military positions under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States. He warns that the Democrats and the CIA have put in place a mechanism which can alter the voting results of electronic voting machines in key swing states (like Pennsylvania) that will determine the out come of the election.

This covert technology is called Operation Scorecard, and it was built by the CIA to steal elections in targeted countries. Now that technology is being used to steal the election for Biden.

Why the CIA? They are an inter-grading force behind the deep state. They are a government within a government. President Truman who gave birth to the CIA said it was the worst thing that he ever did and ask congress to defund them. He said you can create a bureaucracy but you can’t control it.

The Mexican PRI has controlled Mexico politically for over a hundred years. They are a powerful force and have been working and puppeteering the Democrat Party on how to steal an election. With such things as using every means possible to call the election early, keep the counting done in secret, don’t allow Challengers to get close to the ballots and back-fill ballots. Example: ( if only 61% of the people voted you create enough ballots to make it look like 70% of the people voted.) That’s how this election ended up with more people voting than ever before. Prior to the election Democrats were hoping that Biden could pull 60 million at best and now he is over 70 million votes. ( Interview with Jeffery Peterson on

At a small rally on Oct. 24, Biden bragged that the Democrats have created the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Nancy Pelosi said on Oct. 31, “Biden will win no matter what the votes say on Nov 3 rd.”

Biden is a front man for international interest. Everything that Trump has done to put America back on track the economy, the jobs, the tax cuts, fair trade agreements, Immigration polices and more will be lost.

This election was illegal in so many ways. It was a well orchestrated coup. By all rights this election should be canceled and done over again.

If there is going to be any future for America we have to band together not let this blatantly treasonous action prevail. Other wise elections mean nothing. Socialism begins and freedom ends.

Written By Delmer Eldred


For too many years we have let the liberals tear at the moral fabric of this nation, of our families and our schools piece by piece and we have stood by and let it happen. There was a time when The Ten Commandments were placed on the walls in most school class rooms, court rooms, in the state Capital buildings, Supreme Court, many other places and that was the moral compass. It put in place the values of honesty, generosity, compassion, and established a conscience of right and wrong. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, ” To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

The liberals have infiltrated the public school system with a SeX-Ed curriculum that teaches how to have all different kinds of sex and how to preform all different kinds of sordid sex acts. The curriculum was written by Planned Parenthood and LBGTQ and is designed to sexually pervert the mind of the youth. See articles: 4/20/2020- Radical Washington State Sexxx-Ed also:

The liberals have given approval of lawlessness by calling burning cities, hurting innocent bystanders, destruction of historical monuments peaceful protests, which these groups mostly are made up of people between 18 to 34 years old. This is what you get when you have a public school system and colleges and universities teaching for years Secular Humanism, where truth and moral consciousness become collateral damage. No bad behavior -anything goes. Students are taught by modern state curriculum standards to be cogs in the socialist wheel, not independent thinkers and not taught how to make difficult moral choices. Without learning what is morally accepted chaos and discord are the only possible outcomes.

The liberals are working hard at erasing the factual history of America so they can rewrite it, if the facts don’t line up with their own agenda they change them so they do. They want to write a new Constitution that will shutdown freedom of speech and the 2nd Amendment among other things that would restrict their right to rule. Change names of cities, streets,and historic places. Just about everything that is good in America the liberals want to change to fit their ideology.

We have let this liberal movement go on way to long and I’m just as guilty as others for not doing my part to stop it. We all need to take a stand and be just as demanding and our voices be just as loud. When groups gather to meet for public rallies defending conservative issues and moral causes we all need to give them our support. Write letters to editors who will print them, write, call or Email both state and federal legislatures, support alternative news that print factual and informed news, stop watching the NFL and don’t watch biased, liberal news, buy from the farmers market and support the hard working people in your area. If the school board is not willing to change state curriculum that is indoctrination and not education then find an alternative to educate your children. Don’t buy from companies that blatantly support radical liberal groups. Find them at:

It’s going to take a huge concerted effort to start turning the tide of liberalism back to a moral resemblance that teaches responsibility, respect and accountability.

If the liberal movement continues the Generation X will be the last generation to live under the protection of the United States Constitution.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


What happened to the way things in a Constitutional Republic are suppose to work. The founders of this nation were worried about exactly what is going on in America today. That the people would become complacent and freedom and liberty would be sold to the highest bidder.

The influence of the Globalists and China are working together funneling huge amounts of money into the Democratic party. Do you really think all the back door deals the Democratic legislatures are making are going to be in the best interest for the good of the country? The money that the Hollywood loonies contribute is a drop in the bucket by comparison. Democrats owe their soul to the Globalist. They’re the ones who finance their campaigns, not the minorities or the college students whose support is almost nothing.

So who do you think is in control of the Democrat party? What ever the Globalist want the Globalist get!

The Democrats owe nothing to the ones they say that they are going to help. Just look how well they have done by them so far during their years of being the elected majority. High unemployment, increase in poverty, homelessness, deterioration of cities and the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs.

Does anyone really think that George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller, Micheal Bloomberg, Henry Kissinger, and Oprah Winfrey are willing to give tons of money to provide for free health care, free education, pay for the support of Illegals, pay for the Green deal and rebuild cities that have been destroyed. If you think these people are doing everything in their power to get the ones they want elected so they can pay a big chunk of their wealth in taxes, WAKE UP!!

The good old hard working tax payer is going to get the bill. All these Globalists are highly invested in big Pharma so free health care that you get taxed for is more money put in the pockets of guess who. Cities will be rebuilt with money from their financial institutions which will have to be paid back through raising taxes. These elitists have pushed for Green Energy and have already made a fortune in tax incentives and grants. Everything that the Globalists do is done to take control of the wealth and possessions of the American tax payer.

So if they can get rid of President Trump they can start rebuilding the swamp and put the deep state back in control. Which will be ruled by the Globalist elite.

So this election will decide who wins, the American people or the Globalist political elite.

Written By Delmer Eldred


Born in 1948 in a small town in southern Washington, A place where it was just fun being a kid. There was always plenty to do, didn’t have any expensive toys or gadgets but there was a lot of things you could use to make what ever you wanted.

On Sunday most everyone in town went to church and if there wasn’t a potluck after the service there were people that went to each others home for dinner and fellowship.

I remember when soldiers were coming home after the Korean War and to me each one of them was a hero. In town they were honored and respected greatly.

In 1957 we moved to Spokane. Things were a lot different and it took me a while to adjust. But it wasn’t long and my parents bought me a new three speed bike. It was a beauty! It had a carrier on it so I could go to the store and pickup what ever my Mom needed.

I remember that summer was when Elvis Presley came to Spokane. My brother who was 8 years older than me got tickets to go see the show. The early years of Rock and Roll was a great era and without a doubt the best talented performers in the world. Music that is still popular today. I loved that time in America. Those where truly happy days.

School was a fun time but it was no nonsense environment. The teachers would tell you the first day what was expected and the rules. When you broke the rules there were consequences. The Ten Commandments were on the wall at the front of the class. The American was in a stand on the floor at the front of the class and you recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. If you got in trouble at school you got punished at school and when you got home (a double whammy). Elementary, Junior High and High School all the same.

I remember in 1958, the first baseball game I went to, the Spokane Indians against the San Diego Padres. They played the National Anthem and everyone stood with their hand on their heart, then the announcer blared out let’s play ball. What an exciting time! Some of the players became famous big leaguers like Maury Wills. What a fun time. I loved baseball from then on.

The first Presidential election that I got interested in was 1960, John F. Kennedy against Richard Nixon. That was a very intense campaign. Everyone had there opinion on who should win but it wasn’t as vicious as today’s environment. Kennedy won. The economy boomed and he began a dramatic expansion into the space program and was committed to putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade. In 1969 the moon landing was accomplished. All of America was in awe at what we had just achieved.

These are just a few of the greatest parts of American life and times that no other people on earth have experienced.

With freedom and liberty as our strength we have survived the worst of times wars, recessions and disasters, and what ever has been thrown at us. We’re Americans and we have the will and desire to make things better and constantly improving the country. That so many have fought and died to give us what we enjoy today.

I love America because it is the most God fearing , giving nation on earth. We stood by our allies when they were threatened. We are the first to give humanitarian aid when disaster strikes and the amount of foreign aid that is given to help many countries is enormous.

I love America because my family and I have a good life and enjoy the freedom that is afforded to us and every American guaranteed in the United States Constitution.

Written By Delmer Eldred