Who would want to be a kid this day in age? Every time they turn around it’s something else that is going to get’em. Climate change, you only have 12 years and all you’re gonna be is a melted pile of grease. If they don’t take the guns away from your parents and law biding citizens you’re going to end up getting shot. If you think you’re a boy because you look like a boy then think again, you may not be or if you think you’re girl because you look like a girl you may be confused. Because according to your Comprehensive Sex-Ed class that isn’t necessarily so. Comprehensive Sex-Ed porn curriculum makes Sodom and Gomorrah look decent.

Then you have Coronavirus every day telling you if you haven’t got it yet you will soon.

Geez!! can we come up with any more stuff to scare the living jeepers out of our kids for crying out loud.

Here’s an idea: let’s explain to them the actual science of climate change and that CO2 is just a small particle of everything that makes up the climate and how important CO2 is to support life and plants. There is no alarm to worry about to much CO2. And stop telling them about false data those phony computer models put out. They have never produced any correct data yet.

Here’s another: teach them what a gun is and how it works. Explain it is a way to protect yourself and your family from the bad guys. It is also a way to hunt game and provide food for your family.

Now let’s look at the attack on the family by Planned Parenthood and LGBT. They have no right to mess with a kids mind. If the public education system wants to put a homosexual curriculum in place it’s time for home school or private school.

As far as the Coronavirus is concerned, It’s a good time to teach good hygiene practices and how to maintain a strong immune system. Also to become informed on all of the preventive measures you can do.

Explain that 80% of the people infected have mild symptoms and recover in a short period. The ones who get really sick are the elderly. Most are in there 70’s with underlying medical problems. And not to take everything the news media put out as accurate. Their job is to sell news. The more sensational and dramatic the more they make. There have been other pandemic’s. There was the Hong Kong flu, Influenza, SARS and more . But we managed to get through them and we will get through this one..

If you ingrain fear into to the youth, you can have social control in the future. Fear has been used to manipulate others. Those in position of power have been very effective in using fear to control certain aspects of society.

But not to worry the sky isn’t falling!!!

But the ones who have been taught to reason with common sense are fearless and can’t be under the control of another.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Climate change policy is an attempt to redistribute the world’s wealth. The climate agenda by which the UN aims to meet it’s unreasonable goals would devastate the economies of the industrial nations while doing nothing for the climate.

Rejendra Pachauri, the former head of the UN Panel on Climate Change stated that , ” The UN climate reports are tailored to meet the political needs of governments. And not for those who aren’t believers, We’ll see that there are enormous financial and career incentives to stay on the global warming bandwagon- plus intimidation and drastic disincentives to punish anyone who thinks of hopping off.”

In 2009 the Climate Gate scandal proved that the key data involving man-made climate change was manipulated. From emails that had been leaked to the public from the university of East Anglia’s Climate Research Center unit exposing how scientists that have been promoting the theory of man-made climate change was actually an attempt to obtain results that served their narrative that the planet was heating at a dangerous trend due to higher levels of carbon dioxide. Which involved trying “to lower past temperatures and to ‘adjust’ recent temperatures upwards to show accelerated warming” according to the leaked emails. The emails revealed significant amounts of data showing temperature records deleted.

Two such emails from scientist Phil Jones working with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC), were released in 2011 via Forbes:

1, ” Any work we have done in the past on the back of research grants we get has to be well hidden.”

2. ” I’ve discussed this with the main funder (US Dept of Energy) in the past and they are happy about not releasing the original station data.

Data complied by Jane Nova at the Science and Policy Institute incites that the US Government spent more than 32.5 billion on climate change between 1989-2009. This doesn’t count for the 79 billion of tax breaks for green energy. Since then the amount that the US spent on climate change has grown enormous, fed by so many rivers of tax dollars it’s hard to tally.

Takeda Kunihiko Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Science and Technology at Chubu University in Japan, has gone on record stating that, ” CO2 emissions make absolutely no difference one way or the other…. Every scientist knows this, but it doesn’t pay to say so.”

There many factors that determine the weather and the climate and taxes are not one of them. It is the sun, volcanoes, the tilt of the earth’s axis, water vapor, methane, clouds, ocean cycles, plate tectonics, albedo, atmospheric dust, circulation, cosmic rays, particulates like carbon soot, forest, and land use and there’s more.

Ecologist Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, who left the organization in 1986 because they had become too radical, has argued, ” Water is the most important greenhouse gas by far. And it’s at a far higher concentration in the air than carbon dioxide.”

Dr Tim Ball has a 50 year academic career focusing on Historical Climatology. Dr. Ball concluded that there is no empirical evidence of human caused global warming. There are only computer model speculations that humans are causing it, and every forecast made using these models since 1990 has been wrong. With actual temperatures getting further from predictions with every passing year.

John Coleman founder of the Weather Channel said meteorologists with all their sophisticated equipment; when they try to predict just a few weeks into the future their predictions become increasingly inaccurate. Yet the climate change establishment claim that they can predict the temperatures of Earth decades into the future. When actually the warming from 1880 until now is less than 1.5 degrees, very much in keeping up the the gradual warming pattern since the end of the last ice age.

Benjamin Zycher is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute where he works on energy and environmental policy. He has an article in National Review that states if Washington State were to immediately reduce greenhouse-gas to zero. that 2/1000 a degree would be the global effect in the year 2100. This figure comes from the Environmental Protections Agency’s climate model. And so Inslee’s claim that his proposed tax would “save our children from droughts, floods, fires, and other existential threats” is preposterous.

The Carbon tax is an excellent way to fund political movements, environmental groups and social groups agendas. As a matter of fact one of the proposed uses for carbon tax by the Washington State Legislature is spending it on “social justice’ programs. That would scarcely help those “affected” by climate change. This seems like a give away to favor friends and special interest.

The government can tax to no end, we can give up our transportation, get rid of airplanes, stop raising cattle and everything else that they claim is the human cause for climate change. Sit around eating dandelions, in a cold house and it will still be hot in the summer, chilly in the fall, cold in the winter and rainy in the spring. Very little change.

Just living has an effect on the environment. An average house of four produces 7.5 tons of CO2 a year. The truth is every energy source has an impact on the environment in some way and life is full of necessary trade offs.

The very idea that all of the components that make up the weather and climate can be taxed enough that the scientists can come up with a way to make it normal. It has never been normal; every year is different. For the last 30 years every evening on the local weather news: this month was the hottest, the coldest, the driest, and the wettest on record.

The weather constantly changing is normal!! BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

Written By: Delmer Eldred



Washington State Legislative Democrats have an agenda to control every aspect of your life and they will if you don’t put a stop to it in 2020.

Why after all these years of voting we now have to stipulate what party affiliation we are to be able to vote. That corrupts the integrity of a private ballot. This is the type of practice used in China to vote, so they can keep control of the elections. If you say you belong to one party and vote for the other you are convicted of lying to the government.

I think anyone can see that this has nothing to do with making elections more fair. It has to do with gathering information on the voter. In the words of Stalin, ” It isn’t the people who vote that count ; it’s the people who count the votes.

Then you have pay-per- mile GPS tracker that they are going to be putting in all your vehicles. It not only tracks you but records your speed, how fast you go, if you were speeding and how much gas you use. Information can be shared with insurance companies and other Government agencies. The beautiful part of all this is your going to pay the state to track you.

Now let’s take a look at their latest plan to control your life. HB 2566 Automatic License Plate Recognition. The license plate will set off cameras that are in police cars, multiple stationary locations such as utility poles, streetlights,traffic cones, overpasses and digital speed signs. The second the camera comes on it takes a picture of your plate, vehicle, the driver and the passengers.

It can track all your movements, can tell where you went how long you were gone. What criminal wouldn’t love to hackado this data. The data shows where you go to church, the doctor, political event, NRA meeting, shooting range, etc. Every address that you have been to is stored. This data is available to all government agencies and is stored forever. Just say you go to shooting range and on your way home you pass through a no gun zone; now you are a criminal in a heap trouble.

Los Angels uses it and they have massive privacy issues with it . Law enforcement agencies retaining the data and disseminating it broadly.

Every where they have tried this, the system is plagued with misidentification and very high error rates.

The argument for having this system is to find stolen vehicles and find criminals that have outstanding warrants. But this just stands the Constitution on it’s head, both State and US. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? The fourth amendment prohibits unreasonable search and seizures. It also requires warrants to do surveillance.

But it all boils down to gathering information to control the populous. This is about communist style government control. And the Democratic Washington State Legislatures love affair with anything that can be used to create a centralized government.

Every time they take another freedom it’s marketed that it’s for your safety or protection and so far they have been fairly successful into fooling a lot of people.

How do you boil a frog? Slowly keep turning up the heat.

Change Olympia in 2020 or live life in a socialist state. Those are the options.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


The education in the past was like a machine that ran fairly well and produced a good product. Then they decided that they would start taking it apart and rebuild it. The problem is the ones that knew how to make it work were gone. The ones that rebuilt it had no instructions. They used parts that were not made well and the machine now produces a defective product.

When basic education was taught there was reading, writing and arithmetic. The state test that students took were taken to advance from one grade to another. It was a concentrated effort to make sure that the student was ready to advance to the next level. They had to be proficient in reading, math, science, English and history. By the time they graduated from high school, the life skills that they had learned prepared them to take on what ever it was that they wanted to pursue.

With basic education electricity was invented, the railroad was built, the dream of flying became a reality. In World War 2, the amount of airplanes, ships and tanks were being built at an unbelievable speed but were reliable and safe. The “8th Wonder of the World” Grand Coulee Dam; an eight mile railroad tunnel built in the Cascades when completed the two crews met they were six inches off of being lined up perfect; space exploration which included putting a man on the moon; development of computers and all the advances in medicine.

These are just a few of the great achievements that ones who were taught to create, have dreams and imagine that anything is possible if you have the desire to succeed.

Almost every day my 8th grade teacher would say ” Learn to listen and listen to learn. Without an education you have no direction and nobody is going to take care of you. You have to be able to make your own way.”

There was a framed copy of the Ten Comments at the front of the room, an American Flag with a picture of George Washington and hanging in the wall was a 24inch paddle with a sign above that read: The Board Of Education. It was very seldom used and when it was it was more embarrassing than hurt.

All that to say why anyone wants to change a system of teaching that has made this country the envy of the world.

Replace history with social justice indoctrination, math with common core confusion where there is no instruction of sequence. It is useless to use to build anything( see picture of car built using common core math at carthrottle.com). English has been reduced to internet slang and to abbreviated language.(Example: Do you have a moment? is now, D’ ya have a sec,) That is now acceptable in English. Health class use to teach hygiene, diet and how to take care of your teeth, now it’s Comprehensive Sex-ED class. Science was based on facts of how things worked not on some phony computer models that continually produce false out comes that try to scare you into thinking that global warming is going to wipe us all out in 12 years.

” Common Core effect has been dumbing down American education at every level, from kindergarten to graduate school, “said Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars.

If you change something to make it better that’s a good thing but to change it at a very expensive price to make it worse is idiotic. Actually Common Core should be considered child abuse.

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Pulse of America

The millennial’s will inherit over 243 years of American ingenuity, technology and know how to combat any challenges they may face.

Americans have always looked at a problem as challenge to create a solution. Just look at the break through in medicine; every generation is living longer healthier lives. Advancements in science make our lives more easier; every generation it just keeps improving providing more leisure time. The continual progresses made in engineering making everything better. Engines, bridges, buildings, homes that are the most comfortable and energy efficient in the world and the list goes on.

Don’t depend on government to fix things the only thing government creates is more government.

When you remove unnecessary regulation and over taxation, you fuel creativity and innovation.

Millennial’s will inherit more wealth than any other generation has ever been handed. They will have a bigger treasure chest of knowledge and resources than all…

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Wind energy’s growth is driven by super charged subsidies. the growth has not been because of consumer demands but by the billions of billions worth of taxpayers dollars.

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) received 6.8 billion in subsidies and loan guarantee’s that went to foreign corporations, including IBEDROLA, SIEMENS and E-ON. All these have seats on the AWEA’S board of directors. Mid American Energy Company, a subsidiary of Berkshire-Hathway, CEO Warren Buffett explains why his companies are in the wind business, ” We get a lot of tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms; that’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”

Article published in National Review 6/6/2016 figures from Subsidy Tracker: total given to the biggest US players $176 billion. Don’t let developers fool you, they are in it for the money not the environment. We need to stop these subsidies. If wind energy can’t stand on it’s own then it’s not working like it suppose to.

What’s the true cost of wind energy power? Consumers pay for it twice: once through monthly electricity bills, second through taxes that finance these massive subsidies.

Is wind energy really environmentally friendly? Things big wind doesn’t want you to know: one of the components are magnets made from neodymium and dysprosium, rare earth minerals. China controls 95%of the worlds supply of rare earth minerals. In the village of Dalahai, where factories have sprang up, the lake has become so toxic anything that was planted would die. People began to suffer. Their teeth started to fall out. On young people their hair turned white and they suffered from severe skin and respiratory diseases. Children born with soft bones and cancer rates sky rocketed. ( By Simon Perry from the Daily Mail). Then you have the amount of birds kill every year by the blades. Killing millions of birds, the old blades at the land fills are plastered with bird remains. A lot of the wind farms are placed in migratory paths.

There are just a few places that can take the old wind turbine blades and these things are starting to add up by the thousands. They can not be recycled and have know value. There are just a limited amount of landfills that can take them. Because of the massive amount of room it takes to bury them. They have to be buried 30 feet deep and hundreds of feet long and wide. They are cut up on site and hauled to the landfill.

The materials that it takes to built a wind turbine are made from fossil fuels. The tons of concrete for just one. The making of concrete is rated as one of the highest outputs of CO2. Then there is the toxic resins, the radioactive magnets, the amount of steel. Everything used to built these wind turbines depends on a lot of fossil fuel to make it and that’s just one; multiply that times thousands and you are looking an environmental monster.

There are a lot of negatives about wind energy being clean and renewable and it will never be reliable no matter how many are built. They have a twenty year life span and then they have to be rebuilt. So as they get older the maintenance goes up.

The only real way to see the true capabilities of these bird choppers is if you had two grids: one for wind turbines and one that used hydroelectric or fossil fuel.

Although they produce electricity on and off, they consume it continuously. They need power to keep the generator magnetized, need to periodically to spin the assembly to unwind the cables in the tower, heat the blades in icy conditions, to start the blades turning when the wind is not blowing fast enough to keep them going, to adjust blade pitch to keep them spinning at a regular rate, to run lights, internal controls and communication systems. It takes a lot of dirty energy in to get a little clean energy out. They only calculate what the wind turbine puts out and not what it takes to make it work. Kind of like a gambler telling you what he wins but never what he lost.

Makes you wonder if you had all the facts is there any benefit from wind energy at all.

A clean reliable alternative is natural gas power plants. It is the lowest emitting fossil fuel without the need of massive amount of subsidies. The recoverable reserves are more than we ever dreamed of. According to the International Gas Union (IGU) we have enough natural gas to provide electricity for the next 250 years right now. But there is more advancements and exploration going on where that could increase significantly.

In areas where there is hydroelectric without the wind turbines or solar there would still be sufficient amount of electricity and even a surplus.

Efficient wind energy is a Joke, and that’s just the tip of the blade!!

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Anyone watching what is going on with you before the Democratic candidates really believe that they have any intentions in working for the betterment of America.

They’re wanting to tax the rich to the max. When you raise taxes on the rich ueveryone gets a tax increase or become uunemployed no u hug ub up. Their stupid Green Dream will kill the economy; open borders; free health care for everyone. This is nuts free this free that free everything. Each one tries to one up the other one with all this socialist vuykeubalderdash. What sane person would believe this stuff. If you took all the available money from the rich with all the promises these candidates are making the money iowould run out in six months. ($ 153 Trillion)

These candidates have a hostile attitude toward America. Know wonder they want to take your guns. Hi k

Giving support to the u NHLu Democrats is like a rope giving support to a hanged man.

Written andand


It’s time to take back our schools when the focus of education becomes teaching an immoral agenda of a deviant live style.

This is a push by Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ to get a curriculum in place to train the most vulnerable. How to become a Homosexual. What kind of sick perverted people would want to take a kindergartner that hasn’t even learned how to tie their shoes and pressure them to decide what gender identity or sexual orientation they want.

The Middle School and High School students all ready know about sex thanks to Hollywood, the internet, graphic literature that’s available and more. Comprehensive Sex-Ed (CSE) is what the Washington State Superintendent is pushing for. The testimony of one young man is that the reality of the curriculum used in Washington State contains numerous explicit sex definitions, and when kids enter those phrases into a search engine, up pops every XXX-rated visual , one can imagine. The hearing room in Olympia fell silent after hearing the young man’s legitimate concerns.

Young people have a difficult time dealing with adolescence, all this (CSE) does is poor fuel on the fire.

The Comprehensive Sex-ED was passed by the Senate: SB 5395 and HB 2184 is still in committee.

Another progressive move is to put Health Clinic’s on site in schools. What could possibly be the reason for clinic’ in schools. There are plenty of clinic’s that parents can take their children to.

What is it that these clinic’s want to do? subvert family authority. Outrage is building as parents discern what these clinic’s will surely do: refer abortions, prescribe contraception and even possibly screen for and administer opposite-sex hormones to gender-confused children. Once they have these clinic’s in place the parent will not know what type of procedure’s have been done.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! Please contact the state representatives: tell them to vote NO!!

Comprehensive Sex-ED : SB 5395 HB 2184

Health Clinic: SB 6279 HB2288

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Virginia is the testing grounds for shredding the Second Amendment. Governor Northam and his legislative gang plans to push for a violent outcome to a rally. Their constant taunting of legal gun owners as the enemy, along with the media gleefully warning of imminent danger and violence, even terrorism. When things didn’t go as planned they were in shock trying to figure out what went wrong. hoping to show that these law biding gun owners are a bunch of radical nut cases.

But instead they were just law biding citizens wanting there voice to be heard, which is another Constitutional right they want to shred.

But this is not the end. The Democratic run states are going to keep pushing to take guns away from law biding citizens. And maybe if they can create enough hate and discontent it will finally lead to bloodshed; then that will get people on their side and then they can take control to fundamentally transform the United States.

There is big money behind the Anti-Gun groups and these groups contribute to political campaigns. You have : Everytown For Gun Safety (financed by Bloomberg), Open Society Policy Center (finance by George Soro’s) and Bill Gates along with other Washington State billionaires that fund Alliance for Gun Responsibility. There is also a cluster of anti-gun groups that receive their support from these billionaires.

What’s the reason?? These Globalist want to have a centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion and that exercises dictatorial control over many aspects of life.

The patriotic American is getting sick and tired of the constant attack on the freedoms and liberties that are afforded to us. And every time they take a stand to preserve their Constitutional rights, they are called names like white supremacist, radical nuts and racist.

The trouble that these billionaire surrogate’s like the Democratic Governor’s Attorney Generals and news media are trying to start could be their worst nightmare if they succeed in getting an uprising started. The patriots have been very patient and politely saying no. But these anti-gun groups keep pushing for a fight. If they manage to unleash the fury of millions of law biding gun owners it will split the country apart and that will take hundreds of years to heal.

My hope and prayer is that things will not escalate to that out come and we can vote out these socialist Democrats in 2020.

Written By Delmer Eldred


If you attack Americans or attack our embassies you best have your affairs in order. I think these terrorist are realizing that they are not dealing with the political weak kneed leaders of the past. It.s great to have someone who is not going to kowtow and send a ton of money to try and make peace with these people who want to annihilate anyone who gets in the way of their mission of world domination. If you don’t stand up and show these terrorist that the fun and games are over, you Just get more attacks.

President Obama sent $150 billion to Tehran for a down payment on peace, well that sure didn’t work out. If you divide $150 billion by 330 million Americans that works out to about, $450 dollars per person. That money was used for development of various kinds of explosives and high tech strike missiles. The next time you see a veteran that is disabled missing a leg, an arm or an eye or think about the many,many service personnel that have been killed by these explosives, shows you don’t buy peace from a terrorist.

President Trump sent the business end of a precision guided munition to General Soleimani and his side kick Al-Muhandis their regime of terror has come to an end and Iranian and Iraqi people are dancing in the streets thanking President Trump.

Soleimani is a real piece of work. He organized his surrogates to attack the US embassy to make it look like it was an Iraqi up rising. He is responsible for a rocket attack on a military compound killing a contractor, wounding four US troops and two members of the Iraqi Security Forces. He is also the Commander of Quds Force, that is an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) which supports terrorist in ten countries. He was the mastermind behind the bombings and assassination of 17% of all US personnel in Iraq between 2003 and 2011. General Soleimani was making plans to attack American diplomats and service personnel. Along with his go to Guy Al-Muhandis who was an Iranian deputy commander.

When President Trump warns there will be consequences for terror attacks, they now understand appeasement and negotiation are not an option. There will be swift action without hesitation.

I just thank GOD for President Trump. Can you imagine where we would be if Hillary would have been the President. Those in the embassy would be dead or captured. Remember Benghazi contractors fighting on the roof of a CIA- annex pleading for military aid and being ignored.

The Quds Force are now without a leader and are in complete disarray. Now they have to reorganize which could take months. Any immediate retaliation will be met with severe force and targets that are already designated will be eliminated one by one.

The Democrats and the media are in hyper mode trying to come up with a reason why it’s a bad thing to attack a terrorist. If your not standing with the President in his persistent pursuit to defend Americans, then your supporting terrorism.

If you think that the President actions on defending Americans is the right thing to do, please send an email thanking him:


Written Delmer Eldred