An unarmed America is a dangerous America! When a policeman has to shoot a criminal in self defense BAD cop! But when a criminal shoots someone to rob or steal BAD gun!

Every time there’s a mass shooting we have to take the guns away. If you investigate, you can find out that most all mass shootings were preventable. Let’s look at a few: Columbine 1999 the warning signs were every where. Counselors knew of their violent threats,the Sheriff had dealings with the two off and on for two years and knew they were prone to violence and that they were familiar with lethal weapons. Other students had mentioned threats and there were videos of them using guns. All these signs were ignored(New York Times May 18, 2009).

Virginia Tech shooting by Cho Seung-Hui. In his creative writing class the things he wrote were very disturbing to the professor and the students. They were about ways to kill and the hate he had for rich white kids. The Professor tried to get him into counseling but he wouldn’t go. Maybe that would have been a good time to contact authorities. (NBC NEWS 4-17-2007).

Fort Hood Nov. 2009. FBI ignored Nidal Hasan out of political correctness. He was an extreme Islamic bent on killing civilians and expressed support for suicide bombings. And was in contact with a terrorist group through emails. (CBS NEWS July 19, 2019).

It’s pretty much the same over and over again, it comes down to: when there is a willingness and an inherent interest to do wrong, wrong will be done.

The left despises guns and every shooting is another opportunity for them to push more gun legislation. And get the guns away from law biding citizens. But why then does Bloomberg have armed body guards with him where ever he goes, Pelosi, Governor Newson and Bill Gates I guess if you think your important guns are okay for the select few.

When I was driving truck picking up a load one evening in New York, Bronx I asked a Police Officer for directions after he gave them to me and he ask do you have a gun I said no that’s against the law. He said I wouldn’t be down here after dark with out one. Delivering in downtown Chicago before they had the gun banned. I was waiting to get unloaded visiting with one of the workers when I noticed a gentleman with a gun under his jacket. I told the person I was visiting with that guy has a gun. He said ya a lot of people around here carry that’s why we don’t have very many problems downtown. But boy that sure changed when they put the gun ban into effect.

What kind of a person doesn’t want to have a way to defend himself his family and property. You have home invader it takes a minute to call 911 and then 15 to 30 minutes to get the police to your residents if you live out of town. It only takes three seconds to eliminate the threat if you are armed. When a person breaks into your home what ever happens after that is their fault.

Just about every city and town do not have enough officers for the size of the population and the criminals know that as well. The only thing that stops them is the fear that someone might be armed. An armed citizenry is the best deterrent against gun violence. If the guns were taken from the law biding citizens the criminals would still have guns. They are criminals, they don’t care about the law and they will always have a means to get guns. Some guns come from other countries that are in hidden containers, gun smuggling is a big business. The more gun control laws the government passes the better for the gun traffickers. Disarming citizens would cause a plague of violence that is unimaginable.

Self defense is an inalienable right and the Second Amendment guarantees that each citizen is guaranteed to have the ability to be armed to defend their life, family or property from aggression, whether from an individual or a government. Inalienable right means impossible to take away or give up.

The big brew ha about the AR-15, most Judges and politicians trying to ban it don’t know anything about it. They have the idea and try to convince people that it is a machine gun. An Armalite -15 is a semi-automatic. Armalite is the company that made the AR-15 in the 1950’s. A Ruger 10/22 is a semi-automatic rifle. A semi-automatic fires just one bullet at a time then loads the next round in the chamber. You have to pull the trigger each time. Semi-Automatics are not assault rifles. There are several different kinds of semi-automatic rifles. All guns are nothing but a tool and it’s use depends on the person using it.

We need to protect and defend the Second Amendment. Writing a check to the NRA or Gun owners of America is something every gun owner can do.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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