If we don’t start standing up and using the tools that are founding fathers provided for us to keep are liberty and freedoms we are going to be in the bowels of socialism. And we will only have ourselves to blame.

We just got a look at what kind of justice system the liberals are pursuing. That Stalinist type impeachment inquiry(trial). Witnesses that had no first hand knowledge about the phony charges. Then the House was trying to come up with an impeachable offense they went from abuse of power, obstruction of Congress, treason, bribery and then back to abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Neither one is an impeachable offense, but the hell with the Constitution. This is the future using Stalinist tactics to eliminate the people who don’t agree with them.

The liberal left is bent on creating a national night mare. They have infiltrated the media, institutions, and they are changing the curriculum of our schools to brain wash the next generation.

The Deep State is in desperation and fear of total destruction. The thought of losing control and the American people regaining oversight to their government has the Deep State shuddering in horror. Some of personnel in the Deep State are going on the third generation. FBI, IRS, NSA and EPA just to name a few. In the words of President Truman, ” You can create a bureaucracy but you can’t control it”. All these groups have taken on a live of their own and believe that they have the power to make all the policy decisions for the United States. These people are not elected, they are appointed. Trump doesn’t like them and doesn’t trust them. Another four years of cleaning the swamp will certainly put us closer to a government for the people by the people.

As the socialist move to take over the Democratic Party the progressive madness will destroy American values completely. Let’s take a look at what we have allowed them to do: change our holidays, literature, street names take down historical statues, and give special rights to LGBT.

They have accomplished this through intimidation and using strong narratives like racist, bigot and homophobia.

It’s not to late to put a stop to this lunacy if people realize where this is all headed. Everyone can do something: school board meetings, city council meetings, a phone call or email to your Congress person, a letter to the editor, an email to the White House. We have to start letting our voices be heard, speak loudly and clearly. The future can be the best of times or worst of times- It’s up to us. The Freedom and Liberty that is guaranteed in the Constitution is ours if we have the will to keep it.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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