What a year this has been so far, who would have ever guessed with a booming economy and stock market at record highs with nothing but positive growth insight. Then here comes the CCP flu a virus that would take and erase the best economy in the world.

Planned or unplanned it was just what the Chinese Communist Party, the media and the socialist were hoping for. Economic disaster, America in complete panic and the dark cloud of a depression lingering in the forefront.

The Socialist Democrats and the media have been trying to force President Trump to impose a nationwide quarantine, nationalize industries, mobilize the military and in essence declare martial law.

Governors have put out proclamations curtailing numerous freedoms under the guise of safety. They have issued arrest warrants for the organizer of a funeral reception, levied fines for not maintaining proper distances, people being arrested for having more than 10 people at a gathering, fines and arrest for non-essential businesses being open, national guard has been called out to enforce border lock downs and Pastors have been arrested for holding church services. Every day There’s more restrictions put in place. They even have people turning in other people if they are not adhering to the new state restrictions. Stores being told what they can have in their inventory and what they can sell and not sell.

These Governors have assumed that they have absolute power to trash the Constitution and take control in the name of Flu Emergency… Now so they can keep their Dictatorial power it’s going to be one emergency after another.

Even after the threat of the coronavirus subsides the residual under takings will remain such as authorities claiming that the control steps they are taking is for your safety. The possibility of having to get a permit for a wedding so they can control the amount of people that attend. Or a sports event, theater, Etc. only people that have been vaccinated can attend. Or if you haven’t had your children vaccinated you could face criminal offense and children taken away. Troopers make a surprise visit to your home for a health inspection. When is enough, enough?

When citizens will give into any emergency that is declared as a crisis. That will enable the government to unconstitutionally impose it’s will on the people.

The only thing that will change this is to elect people that are committed to uphold the Constitution and preserve the American values. If we don’t we will be sleeping under a socialist moon.

Written By : Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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