Will we ever find our way back to the America that we had before COVID-19, riots, chaos and destruction? Why are so many wanting to be living in a socialist communist controlled society? Willing to give up freedom and liberty for a life of poverty, control and hopelessness. This is what Stalin stated, ” Socialism is Communism for slow learners”. Just look at where you’re going before you get there!! Look at these countries that have what you anti- American activists want: Peoples Republic of China, Cuba, Bangladesh, North Korea,Venezuela and there’s more. Try protesting and rioting in these countries, not working and want public assistance, good luck. If you had a dollar for every time Socialism worked you’d have zero dollars, ironically if Socialism did work you would still have zero dollars.

America is where people in these socialist countries dream of getting to. You don’t see people sneaking across the border to get into these countries.

America is the best option of any place on earth. If you are ambitious and want to pursue all the opportunities that this country has to offer, you can create wealth and enjoy what you have accomplished. If you just want to get a good job and have a decent way of life there are many ways to accomplish that. If you are lazy and have no desire to acquire wealth or a job, just want live on public assistance, you’re still a hundred times better off then most working people in these socialist countries.

The 2020 elections are the last best hope we have to save our freedoms, liberty and constitution from being completely wiped away. The Democratic Party has been taken over by the Democratic Socialist Party and they are hell bent on completely reforming America into a bloodsucking socialist state.

It’s never been more important to be picking leaders that truly love America and want to improve and make it better. Don’t go with the people media or the establishment pick. We now have the ability, like never before, to really find out about a person running for office. Not depending on what they say but what they have done. What they have said, what issues they have been in favor of and who supports them financially. We need to be informed to pick the very best of the candidates that are running. If we defeat the socialist agenda in 2020 it will set them back twenty years in there quest to take over America.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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