For too many years we have let the liberals tear at the moral fabric of this nation, of our families and our schools piece by piece and we have stood by and let it happen. There was a time when The Ten Commandments were placed on the walls in most school class rooms, court rooms, in the state Capital buildings, Supreme Court, many other places and that was the moral compass. It put in place the values of honesty, generosity, compassion, and established a conscience of right and wrong. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, ” To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

The liberals have infiltrated the public school system with a SeX-Ed curriculum that teaches how to have all different kinds of sex and how to preform all different kinds of sordid sex acts. The curriculum was written by Planned Parenthood and LBGTQ and is designed to sexually pervert the mind of the youth. See articles: 4/20/2020- Radical Washington State Sexxx-Ed also:

The liberals have given approval of lawlessness by calling burning cities, hurting innocent bystanders, destruction of historical monuments peaceful protests, which these groups mostly are made up of people between 18 to 34 years old. This is what you get when you have a public school system and colleges and universities teaching for years Secular Humanism, where truth and moral consciousness become collateral damage. No bad behavior -anything goes. Students are taught by modern state curriculum standards to be cogs in the socialist wheel, not independent thinkers and not taught how to make difficult moral choices. Without learning what is morally accepted chaos and discord are the only possible outcomes.

The liberals are working hard at erasing the factual history of America so they can rewrite it, if the facts don’t line up with their own agenda they change them so they do. They want to write a new Constitution that will shutdown freedom of speech and the 2nd Amendment among other things that would restrict their right to rule. Change names of cities, streets,and historic places. Just about everything that is good in America the liberals want to change to fit their ideology.

We have let this liberal movement go on way to long and I’m just as guilty as others for not doing my part to stop it. We all need to take a stand and be just as demanding and our voices be just as loud. When groups gather to meet for public rallies defending conservative issues and moral causes we all need to give them our support. Write letters to editors who will print them, write, call or Email both state and federal legislatures, support alternative news that print factual and informed news, stop watching the NFL and don’t watch biased, liberal news, buy from the farmers market and support the hard working people in your area. If the school board is not willing to change state curriculum that is indoctrination and not education then find an alternative to educate your children. Don’t buy from companies that blatantly support radical liberal groups. Find them at:

It’s going to take a huge concerted effort to start turning the tide of liberalism back to a moral resemblance that teaches responsibility, respect and accountability.

If the liberal movement continues the Generation X will be the last generation to live under the protection of the United States Constitution.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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