For all intent and purposes what we have here is a Coronavirus Industry built to create more wealth for the globalist, used to instill fear in people, shutdown churches and synagogues, eliminate any social activities. In many ways it has created a public system of control similar to communism.

The small businesses are getting clobbered with regulations and with closures that are making it impossible to keep going. More of them are going out of business every day. Most small business people are of the conservative mind set and probably vote Republican. That has more to do with the regulations and mandates than the Coronavirus. While on the other hand the corporate stores and businesses profits are increasing. The Governors in these Democratic controlled states are basically one by one eliminating the competition. It has little to do with the Coronavirus. The manipulation in the numbers of infections corresponds with what ever is going on at the time. There are a lot of examples: like a Trump rally in Washington D.C., increased evidence of voter fraud, people in some states protesting lock-downs, and any kind of conservative action that might gain attention to what is really going on. BINGO! We got a whole bunch of new cases of infections and more mandates. But after the election when they thought it was a done deal that Biden had won the election handily, infections started dropping. For a few days there was very little news about the COVID spread. Then as more news of the corruption in the voting came out, well that old COVID comes to the rescue and the numbers shot up again.

The Covid guru, Flip Fliop Fauci, works the same way. He has been on every side of the issue. It just depends what’s going on and there are so many examples of his back and forth rhetoric: 60 minutes on March 8th Fauci, ” There’s no reason to wear mask.” When the lobbyist for the mask manufactures got on his case, he said, “Everyone needs to wear a mask when they are outside.” In August Fauci said, “Schools need to be shutdown and need to adopt virtual learning.” Then after the election Fauci said, “Kids need to get back in school for in person learning. Fauci is a front man for the elites that are directing people into the world the way they want it.

Dr. Fauci has been working on developing a strain of Coronavirus for years. In 2014 after President Obama learned what Fauci was working on was dangerous, he put a stop to it. Then in 2015 Fauci let the monster out of the closet and gave the lab in Wuhan China 3.7 million to continue the experiment. Both Bill Gates and Fauci in 2017 warned of a pandemic that would hit us in two years. Gates and George Soros are heavily invested in the Wuhan lab. Soros, Gates, David Rockefeller, Fauci and the World bank all have huge amounts of money invested in virus development and vaccine factories and they want a huge return.

When you listen to the ones that are scaring people about the COVID coming to get you, they are the ones that are getting federal money for the amount of cases that they can come up with.

The American people are being duped and robbed so many different ways in the name of Coronavirus.

Written By: Delmer Eldred

pulse-of-america .com

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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