Years ago a friend of mine came home after an extended tour in Vietnam. Coming home with several other service other service people he landed at the San Francisco airport. Being confronted by anti-war Protesters yelling killers, spitting at them and burning an American Flag in the street. He said when he got to his motel he prayed that God would sent Russian bombers to California so they would know what war was like. He said that there are to many people that have never had to sacrifice and don’t appreciate what they have and there will come a day when they lose their freedom and realize what they had and it will be to late.

I worked with a gentlemen who came from Russia. He said the first little while he was in America he would wake up in the morning crying in unbelief that God had let him come to America. He ask why do people that live in a country that is full of countless opportunities and have the freedom to go where they want and do what they want, want to burn the flag that is the symbol of freedom around the world. If they burnt the Russian flag they would be spending 20 years in prison which is a death penalty.

From Jan. 14, 1969, here is a Commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance… By Red Skelton. For those who don’t know Red, he was best known for his national radio show and television show from 1937 thur 1971.

In the words of Red Skelton… We had just finished reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and he [ Mr. Lasswell, the Principal of Vincennes High School] called us all together and he says, “Uh, boys and girls, I have been listening to you recite the Pledge of Allegiance all semester and it seems that it has become monotonous to you. Or, could it be you do not understand the meaning of each word? If I may I would like to recite the pledge. And give you a definition for each word:

I– Me; an individual; a committee of one.

Pledge– Dedicate all of my worldly good to give without self-pity.

Allegiance– My love and my devotion.

To the Flag– Our standard. “Old Glory”; a symbol of Freedom. And whenever she waves, there is respect, because your loyalty has given her dignity that shouts, “Freedom is everybody’s job.”

of the United– that means we all come together.

States– Individual communities that have united into 48 great states 48 individual communities with pride and purpose; all divided by imaginary boundaries, yet united to a common cause, that’s love of country, of America.

And to the Republic — A Republic: a sovereign state in which power is invested into the representatives chosen by the people to govern; and the government is the people; and it’s from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.

For which it Stands

One Nation– Meaning “so blessed by God.”

Indivisible– Incapable of being divided.

With Liberty– Which is Freedom; the right of power for one to live his own life without fears, threats, or any sort of retaliation.

And Justice– The principle and qualities of dealing fairly with others.

For All– for all. That means, boys and girls, It’s as much your country as mine.

Since that time, two states have been added, and two words have been added UNDER GOD.

In the words of President Trump, “Together, we will have one great American future. Our potential is unlimited. We will be one people, under one God, saluting one American Flag.”

Written By: Delmer Eldred


Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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