Printing money that has no value to back it up is not going to be able to maintain a viable economy; It is a financial death sentence. If things keep going as they have been, the government is going to be forced to start cutting or eliminating programs completely.

If you think the rich are going to bail out the economy by paying a boat load of taxes your living in fantasy land. To put it simply, if the rich get a 1% tax increase the price of goods go up 1.5%. So who’s paying tax?

The small businesses can’t do that because they have a smaller profit margin and having to raise their prices to cover the overhead would cause a drop in customers. So they close their doors and lay off their help.

All that to say , printing money leads to high inflation, high unemployment and a lower standard of living.

The economy is the life blood of America. The socialist who are in charge now have know idea how things work and are bound and determined to make things worse. By looting and plundering the national treasury until the economy bottoms out.

One plan that would bring the deficit under control and balance the budget in five years is very easy to do; It’s called the Penny Plan introduced by Ron Paul. It is a simple plan for every on budget dollar that the federal government spent it would spend one penny less. But that got voted down so you can see that it is obvious that Congress has no desire for reducing the deficit.

The Convention of States movement would put an amendment in place to balance the budget. A balanced budget would strengthen and build a future full of unlimited opportunities. Provisions of the amendment would eliminate waste, fraud and abuse, permanently limit spending & taxation and secure the nations fiscal future.

This is just one more reason to support the Convention of States and sign the petition. Go to

Written By: Delmer Eldred

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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