Once you dumb down the schools so the students are not learning to think, they become easy prey for the cowardly Globalist, Communist, Fascists and Rinos. These are the ones that make up the Marxist Democrat Party. They are freedoms enemy, using a constant state of fear as the driver for their goal.

According to government statistics, America’s education system is failing more every year. They lower expectations and shift from academic excellence in mathematics, science, reading history toward the implementation of social constructs like Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sex-ED equals fewer graduates.

Social adjustment tactics are accelerating the decline of the education system which is reminiscent of China’s Culture Revolution. Teacher’s unions are working feverishly to hide the truth.

High school students in America at graduation have an average of 22 percent understanding of science, 12 percent understanding of history, writing 27 percent proficiency and 34 percent proficient in reading. This should be unacceptable. The American education system keeps costing more every year and the quality keeps declining.

Some states like Washington have eliminated testing so you do not know the amount of students that are failing and the current standards are lowering bar for academics.

Decades ago, America had an education system that was the envy of the world but more and more it became based on a government monopoly system so the degrading of education is the work of the bureaucratic intention. This should be called what it is, an act of treason. With a crumbling American education system the day of reckoning is now at hand.

However there are three beacons of hope. The first is the public charter schools which has grown by 62% since 2013, despite teachers unions and their political allies trying to suppress and legislate them out of business and block their consistent record of success.

The second is the grassroots outrage of the entire education system with bloated budgets that at end of the year most administrations are in a panic on how to dump the money that is left on things that are not needed so next year they can get an increase in their budget. Also the obscene cost of salaries, benefits and huge pensions. This has angered the over taxed public that is economically battered and is not willing to tolerate continual tax increases. To support an education system that is obviously and totally dysfunctional.

The third is to make it possible to have legislation to allow school districts by vote to reform as a Charter District which would receive all public funding that it previously had. This would provide for public approval on the curriculums that would be taught.

The education system is the future of America. Without a good education system there is no future. That’s why it is time to rebuild the education system with meaningful academics that are life building essentials to societal development.

Written By: Delmer Eldred Website: Email: References: Epoch Times-Washington Policy Center- Clark County Today and Hillsdale College.

Published by Delmer Eldred

Retired - Strong conservative

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